Welcome to Wake Camp Session Four!

Our last session of the month has begun and we are looking forward to wrapping June up with a bang.  We have an awesome group of energetic campers here who are excited to learn and we are ready to coach (and play)!

Kayllie’s crew had a blast on the lakes. Athanasia, aka Big CC, got up on the little bro and behind the boat! Bella dominated the little bro, showing us how to shred on her heelside and toeside edges, and made it all the way down the boat lake! Braden is cutting back and forth on the little bro, and is definitely ready to step it up to the big cable. Although Giovanna’s true love is kneeboarding, we got her to try wakeboarding and she loved it! She got up on the little bro and the boat! Victor also became a fan of wakeboarding today! He is working on getting his board straight but was able to butterslide all the way down the little bro. Valentina tried wakeboarding for the first time today, and loved Spring Loaded where the whole group competed in relay races on the trampolines, too fun!

Zac’s group is driven to improve throughout the week and they hit the lakes hard all day long. Beau, Hunter, Kyle, Kohl and Zac had an awesome structure party, hitting everything from the 2 kickers to to the Ice Burg! Kyle tried a raley, but hasn’t quite been able to get it down. Hunter attempted a FS 180 but took off too heavy on his back foot. He will get it down tomorrow! Kohl has the kicker dialed, and is now working on different grabs. He also landed a nice indy! Cayden is definitely ready to hit the fun box! He’s killing it slayshing around the cable. Landen has some serious skills once he’s up on the lakes, but just needs a little help getting off the dock. He’ll get more confident with practice! Patricio rocked the wake skate all day, and even hit a kicker.

Erika’s Little Ducklings are having so much fun. Cadence tried out the little bro, and made it all the way across! Tomorrow she will start learning how to edge! Chase is a superfast learner! He is almost ready for the big cable! Santiago has a great attitude, and tried wakeboarding and wakeskating! He made it all the way across the little bro three times! Ethan learned how to bench start on the little bro! Unfortunately he is feeling under the weather and had to go home for a bit 😦 get well soon, we miss you buddy.

Brien’s shredders are really excelling on the boat and cable. Karter landed a 180 on the funbox this morning, and has been trying to land a 180 off the transfer box all day! Matthew tried wakeskating today, and was awesome! He also had a lot of fun jumping in Spring Loaded. Austin got up behind the boat today and learned how to wakeskate. Chase practiced his edge on the little bro, and is going to step it up to the big cable tomorrow! Camden landed a 180 off the funbox! Cannon stomped the funbox this morning! He has been learning the flatrail all day, and can now make it almost all the way across!

Mitch’s Group, the Merfinators are a serious crew of shredders. Koen has been shredding the little bro all day, and learned how to kneeboard! Colton has also been shredding the little bro, and is working on his edges. Chase made it all the way to the top of the rockwall today! Andrew has been on the kneeboard today, and hopes to move on to the big cable tomorrow! Jacob has been working on his heelside edging so that he will be ready when he moves up to the Big Bro! Garrett has been wakeskating at the little bro today, and is finishing up the evening wakeboarding on the big cable! Zirdi got all the way around the cable lake for the first time today!
Pictures coming soon!

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