Wednesday Daily Grind

We have had an action packed week here at TSR and can’t believe it is already Thursday! Tonight is the Thursday Night Showdown and tomorrow we sadly must head home. Below is the report on what went down yesterday at TSR!

Brien’s Shredmeisters! Camden lands 180’s off the funbox with ease, and is getting so close to making it all the way across the flat rail. His determination is impressive! Austin has been tearing it up on the cable wakeskating. He’s gotten so good at surface 180’s and is working up some serious style. Chase went on the big cable today, and made it all the way to the 2nd corner. He’s been learning how to cut, and is improving his heel and toeside edges. Karter learned how to do an indy grab off the Spy kicker. He has attempted to land the Wahoo’s kicker several times, we know he will nail it soon. Matthew enjoys wakesurfing behind the boat. He also rides the scooter everywhere he goes and is getting really good at it.

Kayllie’s Group, the Minnions, are having a blast. Athanasia “Big CC”  came down with a fever, so we had to keep her out of the sun for most of the day, but that didn’t stop her from competing in our camp relay races at Spring Loaded! She Rocked! Braden got up on the big cable, and made it to the first corner on his 3rd try! Way to go Braden!!! Bella got three tricks in the books today! She can carve, Ollie, and do each trick with one hand! Valentina is getting her board straight and riding all the way down the little bro! Kayllie’s favorite moment with Valentina was the crawling competition down the tumble tracks at Spring Loaded! Giovanna also did an ollie on the little bro today! And trapped Kayllie several times, convincing all the campers to tackle her. Victor is working on getting his board straight on the little bro! Today, they all butt boarded to the skatepark!

Mitch’s Group, The Merfinators, are some serious shredders. Garrett spent his time today at Spring Loaded to prepare for the dodgeball tournament tonight, and he won the whole thing! Koen is working on his 180’s behind the boat. He’s getting much better! Andrew is so close to getting around the second tower on the big cable, he is not going to give up. Zirdi also prepared today at Spring Loaded for the dodgeball tournament, and had a blast riding!!! Jacob has been learning how to wakeskate on the little bro! Chase is  tearing it up behind the boat. He is also working on his 180’s. Colton has improved so much at wakeboarding, and is moving up to the wakeskate!

Erika’s Little Ducklings! Cadence pretty much mastered the lil’ bro and is perfecting her heel and toeside edging! She has been the little helper all week and always helps out the younger boys! Chase moved on from the lil’ bro to the main cable and almost made it all the way to the first set of buoys! He is so excited for everything and always has a smile on his face! Ethan also moved to the main cable today with chase and they pumped each other up and gave each other tips! Ethan almost made it all the way around the cable today! Nicolas was awesome behind the boat and got up and rode on both the boat and cable! He loves the outdoors and loves talking to people and always has a smile on his face! Santiago has perfected the lil bro and is trying ollies and edging! Behind the boat he figured out how to dance and wakeboard at the same time! He is always singing and laughing!

Zac’s Group is having a blast! There was a lot of jumping at Spring Loaded today. With the unbelievably hot weather, we have been doing our best to stay cool and healthy! Patricio is getting very comfortable on the wakeskate, and is always pumped to ride. Hunter has been trying 180’s off the kicker, and is getting very close! Kyle has been killing it on the cable lake, and never seems to want to get off. Kohl has been hanging out with Hunter for most of the week, and his riding is improving every day! Everyone can now get off the dock by themselves!

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