Welcome Session FIVE!

Summer Camp TexasWe are back in action from an amazing Fourth of July Week off and are kicking the second half of summer of right with Session Five. We have an awesome crew of campers this week that are shredding hard and playing even harder.

Zac’s group the group of ZSummer Campacks had a great time tearing up the cable. Zac, Blaine and Bryson are all working on hitting the kicker property, so they can start learning some gnarly tricks. Abram got up on the big cable but hasn’t yet dialed the turns. Blaine almost cleared the massive Master Craft wake and we are seriously impressed. Bryson learned a front side 180 behind the boat.  Dodge ball was also a blast. Zane hasn’t been able to get up on the big cable, but we are working really hard and we are positive he will make it happen. Zac is going to attempt the flat bar tomorrow.Summer Camp

Kayllie’s group, aka the Simple Jacks, are also having a blast. Regina and Lupita, our super cute wake chicks from Mexico are spending their days sun bathing and wakeboarding. RegiSummer Camp na tried the fun box and came so close to landing it and Lupita can make it all the way around the main cable. Canon landed a 360 on the fun box, 180 on the spy kicker and launched off the spy kicker with a waake skate and did a cannonball!-EPIC! Anna tried the flat rail after landing the fun box, she also gave the Wahoo’s and spy kicker a try. I know she’ll land them by the end of the week! Finally, ZaSummer Campc landed the fun box and also the transfer box! He gave the Wahoo’s kicker a try in our camp kicker party! TOO FUN!

Brien’s crew laid claim to TSR’s newest cable, the 2.0 today! Michael bodysurfed on the 2.0 and had a ton of fun. He has been riding the big cable and is talking about hitting the fun box.  Jon has been riding the lil bro and is possibly going to start on the big cable. He alsSummer Camp o body surfed like a pro.  Kyle went wild in spring loaded playing dodgeball and jumping around. He’s also been tearing it up on the big cable. Brandon slayshed the big cable, the 2.0, and showed mad skills in ping pong and trampoline bouncing. Alec has been killing it on the cable. He bodysurfed and surfed the 2.0 Zane is trying the big cable and is making it to the second turn. He’s very close to making it all the way around.Summer Camp Texas

Elizabeth’s rowdy rascals are making serious strides on and off the lakes. Alexis had a big day of firsts trying wakeskating and wakeboarding for the first time!  Destiny conquered every rock climbing route and flipped about in spring loaded. Reagan landed 180s on the boat today and almost had the lil bro mastered. Evan body dragged and wake surfed at the 2.0 cable. Makena mastered the lil bro and tried the big cable. She also hung out with her friends Alexis and Reagan. Michelle rock climbed like a pro and  tried wakeboarding again. Jake body dragged a thousand different ways on the 2.0 cable and rode the cable like a champ attempting many structures.summer camp texas

BANANANANA, aka David’s little rippers, are having sooo much fun! Aden spent most of his time playing pool or going out on the lil bro. He’s about ready to take on the 2.0. Zac went out on the boat and did a 180. He’s mastered the lil bro and is now ready to try the 2.0. wakeboard campRodrigo just dominates the lil bro and should be going out to the 2.0. He was having a really fun time at spring loaded, wrestling with his lil brother. Valantina tried the lil bro again but got bit by some ants and sat out the next two sessions. She was really excited about rock climbing and spring loaded. Iker also attempted the lil bro a couple times and is still progressing. He’s just happy to follow around Rodrigo and loves to wrestle with him at spring loaded.

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