Mid Week Wake Report!

Summer Camp TexasSession five’s mid week report is in, and despite the bad weather campers are still getting in plenty of ride time and a few extra Spring Loaded Sessions!

First up: Zac’s crew! With the bad weather, the guys spent a little extra time inside playing dodgeball, ping pong and rock climbing, showing us hidden talSummer Camp Texasents off the water! When clouds cleared they hit the lakes. Blaine and Zac had a sick progression session. He followed Zac around and mimicking tricks and is so close to nailing a raley. Bryson went big off the kicker today, but didn’t land on his feet, he so close to stomping it. Zack tried the flat bar today and almost landed it and Zane made it all the way around the bSummer Camp Texasig cable for the first time!

The self proclaimed Simple Jacks with… Chicken Legs, aka Kayllie’s Group, are having so much fun (you’ll have to ask them about the name!) Regina landed the fun box and is gaining some serious style. Lupit

a is making it all the way around the cable and is considering trying the box tomorrow. Canon made his 180’s off the spy kicker consistent, is landing 360s off the box like it’s no one’s business and stomped a 180 on the spy kicker!  Anna is consis

tently landing the fun box and big box and is really trying to nail the spy kicker! Zac is really showing off ma

king the transfer box, fun box and flat rail look so easy!

Brien’s wake gurus are keeping the staff at TSR fully entertained and BUSY.  Michael went up and down the rock wall at least 20 times today and had a blast playing tag in Spring Loaded. Jon jumped around in spring loaded all day and is getting pretty good on the trampoline. Kyle had a few good games of ping pong against his buddy Brandon. He had a blasWakeboard Campt playing dodge ball and wakeboarding in the rain. Brandon impressed us all with his ping pong skills today, killing Brien in an intense game. We also have to mention his mad dodge ball skills in Spring Loaded! Alec hit the kicker today and spent a lot of time bouncing around spring loaded. Zane dominated a game of tag in Spring Loaded, who knew he was quick! He also bought some awesome trampoline socks!

Elizabeth’s crew, aka the Corndogs, shWakeboard Campowed off their dodgeball skills today and spent some time on the water riding in the rain! Alexis focused her effort on the big cable today and was so stealthy in an intense game of dodgeball!  Destiny swam in the lake, worked through a few minor injuries and climbed 3 routes of the rockwall! Reagan practiced flips in spring loaded and played ping pong dodge ball with Max. Evan shredded the lakes and showed off his compeSummer Camp Texastitive side in Spring Loaded! Makena tore up the big cable and the sidewalks of TSR on her scooter. She also owned it in dodgeball! Michelle rock climbed like a pro and tried wakeboarding again, and Jake slayshed the big cable and went wild throwing and dodging balls in Spring Loaded!

BANANANANA, David’s little rippers, made the best of the over cast day! Aden spent his Wakeboard Campday playing pool, hanging out with fellow campers and bouncing around in Spring Loaded! Zac tried to go on the lil bro as much  as much as he could between lightning storms. He landed another 180 and also played dodge ball. (Point of interest: He totally got Boat Driver Jesse out in dodgeball!)Rodrigo decided to make it more of a relaxing day and spent most of his active energy in SPRING LOADED!  wakeboard campValantina totally was into climbing the rock wall and and drawing in coloring books. She was also super pumped for spring loaded and had a blast. Iker just wanted to hang out with his brother and sister and color. He spent all of the time in spring loaded, wrestling Rodrigo.



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