THANK YOU to session 5!

With smiles, laughs, yells, and splashing…CampTSR ended session 5. The exhibition went well with parents clapping and enjoying the show. Campers showed their new acquired skills and felt the energy of the fans watching! We moved inside to blue room for the awards ceremony and camp video.  The camp video and photos from throughout the week are being uploaded as we speak. We want to thank all those who tried, learned, smiles, laughed, and attended session 5. We had a blast with Y’ALL!

The reports from the surveys are back and we wanted to show some of our favorite answers.

What did you like best about this week? “Wakeboarding”,”Learning how to hit jumps”, “The competition!”

What was the funniest thing that happened? “When Bryson rode down the ramps sitting on his skateboard”, “Throwing ping-pong balls at max!” “Jessie’s jokes”, “When Catie fell on the shore during the showdown”

What was the most exciting thing? “When I made the big bro!”, “Landing the Gnar bar”, “Jumping the wake”

What was your favorite food? “Pizzzaaaa!”, “Cookies at snack time!”, “The breakfast tacos”

Who was your favorite counselor? “Zach, Zach, Zach”, “Ryan…but he’s not technically a counselor”, “The boat coach Shelby!”, “Everyone!”

Who was your favorite TSR employee? “Ryan Jones” times 2 <<<, “COURAGE!!”

Anything you would like to let CampTSR know? “This was awesome”, “I had good time”, “Make Ryan a counselor”, “You guys rock”, “Nothing….”

And some parting words they had for Max, our Director….. “He can’t forget me”, “I will beat him in ping-pong next year”, “He needs to throw harder”

Well there you have it! Session 5 is done and we want to thank everyone for making it a special week!

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