WEEK 6 begins at Camp TSR!!

skate campDavid’s Group – The Banananananananas
Turner aka (Shake) has spent some time on the cable, but had to rest his ankle after twisting it on the trampolines.  After resting it, he balled SO hard in the dodge ball tournament! Jaxon aka (Bake) has been fighting the main cable, and can almost get around the first turn. He’s been putting so much effort into it, and it progressinskate campg quickly. Evan aka (Nathan) tried out the main cable today, and is still trying to get his balance down, but has been progressing well on the boat! Gerardo aka (Jerry) has been rocking the boat and the main cable lately! He’s been trying a 180 behind the boat and almost has it.

Elizabeth’s Group – The Cool Csummer campats in Crazy Caterpillar Costumes
Kaylie loved riding on the 2.0 today! She is also trying to master the main cable. Megan worked at wakeskating on the main cable, and loved body dragging and wakeboarding on the 2.0! Hailey landed the fun box on a wakeskate, and rode switch on the 2.0! She also owned in the dodgeball tournament, and wakesurfed behind the boat. Coady worked on his nose press on the fun box, and loved riding a scooter on the skatepark. He also shredded the cable for most of the day! Brandi landed the fun box! She also led her tesummer campam to victory in the dodgeball tournament, getting guys out that were three times her size! She loved wakesurfing behind the boat, and body dragging at the 2.0.

Brien’s Group
Kobe loved wakesurfing behind the boat. He also enjoyed wakeboarding on the cable and jumping in Spring Loaded. Canon tried raleys off the water with Mark. He was having a blast trying them, and almost landed one. John made it to the 2nd turn today. He could have gotten further, but was too far inside the buoys. He’ll have it down in no time! Ryan tried a tantrum off the Spy Kicker today, and almost landed it. He has been practicing the flips on the trampolines at Spring Loaded. summer campMark tried Raleys off the water, and had some very close attempts! He’s planning on stomping one soon. Raymond had a little trouble with the first corner, but persevered and got past it!

Erika’s Group –
Kiethen went on the main cable, and made it half way around! Behind the boat, he hopped off the wake on his heel-side! Roy worked on perfecting his toe and heel side turns, and also is working on perfecting his ollies. He also went outside the wake on his heelside edge! Lelis is making it all the way down the little bro, and is doing great keeping the handle on her lead hip.  She is also practicing turns, and is so excited to move up to the main cable! Harper keeps practicing her skills on the little bro! Behind the boat, she’s getting up and riding! She is super pumped to move on to the main cable, and the care packages from her parents
light up her face every day!

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