The fun of WEEK 6 continues!

rock climb campElizabeth’s Group –
Coady continued to shred the lake today, and even took the time to help out a kid that got hurt. He’s going to be a doctor some
day! Brandi hit 180’s behind the boat today! She also formed a killer team for camp dodgeball, and they were incredible! She loves dodgeball almost as much as she loves wakeboarding! Hailey worked on her 360 on the fun box today. She hasn’t quite landed it yet, but is super determined and plans to land it by the end of the week! She was also recruited for her
super strong softball arm for dodgeball! Megan kept working on her wakeskating, and worked on hitting the funbox on her wakeboard. She killed it on her all girls dodgeball skate campteam! Kaylie got up on the big cable today! She’s going to work on her turns tomorrow, but getting up is a great start!

Erika’s Group
Kiethen showed off his ollies behind the boat and on the cable. He also jumped his little heart out at Spring Loaded. He also has almost made it around the cable! Roy practiced his turns behind the boat. He also learned to wakeskate on the 2.0! He is super excited to get around the main cable! Lelis mastered her turning! She made it all the way down the 2.0 system, and is ready to hit the main cable. Harper totally made it down the wakeboard camp2.0 system! She will start practicing her turns next, and had a blast playing dodgeball!

David’s Group – The Banananananana
Turner ( Shake ) has been perfecting his turning on both the little bro and main cable, and was awesome at dodgeball! Jaxon ( Bake ) is resilient on the main cable and has made it all the way through the first turn!! He has also been busy making a ton of
surface 180’s off the boat. Evan (Nathan) has been learning super fast.  He has made it from no experience on the wakeboard to almost all the way around the big cable!  By tomorrow I can definitely see him making it all the summer campway around and learning tricks on the cable! Gerardo (Jerry) is rocking the Main Cable as always. He can drop  a tantrum off the trampoline when he’s practicing and should be able to land one behind the boat soon!

Brien’s Group

Kobe tore it up on the big cable. He has also been owning it on the 2.0 and showing off his wake skating and body surfing moves.
Kobe also rocked camp dodgeball! John is so close to making it around the second turn on the big cable! He has been making it  summer campall the way down and back on the 2.0 so I know he can do it! Canon has been practicing his raley off the water and has gotten so much closer. It is so exciting watching him get better and better everyday. Canon also placed in the second best team at
camp dodgeball! I was so impressed. Mark tore it up on the cable, in spring loaded, and behind the boat! He is really good at everything we do and is always so pumped when he learns new tricks! Raymond did an ollie 180 on the 2.0 and rode switch! He is progressing a lot in the wakeboarding world and has the potential to be a pro in no time! Ryan Practiced his tantrum in spring loaded and also tried it on the water with no hesitation. He almost landed a tantrum 180…on accident!

One thought on “The fun of WEEK 6 continues!

  1. Thanks for the camp news! I had been checking every day. I admit I had to go to youtube to see what a tantrum 180 is…. Wow! I am impressed. Can’t wait to see the show on Friday.

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