Lucky Number Seven

Stand Up PaddleWe are in the midst of Week Seven and are having a blast. Sorry for the delayed post, it’s been a busy week here at Camp TSR and the reports below are from Sunday and Monday!wakeboard camp

David’s crew is tearing up the grounds of TSR! Tanner started right off the Big Bro and is hitting the fun box. He’s trying to land more tricks and is determined to wakeboard as much as possible. Josh is tearing it up on the main cable and is landing 180’s off the fun box. He’s constantly trying to up his game for the showdown on Thursday.  Jackson focused hard on perfecting his edges on the Little Bro and has officially stepped it up to the Main Cable. He has made it to the first turn and we think we will be full circle by the end summper campof the day. Nick is learning super fast as well, tearing up the Little Bro and getting a few go’s on the main cable. He’s made the first turn and just needs to work a little more before he can get all the way around!

Erika’s Group, the self-titled “Kazoo” Crew, is taking full advantage of all TSR has to offer. Danielle went off the fun box and hit the transfer box. She’s so exwakeboard campcited and turns her nervous energy into adrenaline. Jackson goes by the nickname “Beautiful” and went off the SPY kicker today for the first time! AND HE LANDED IT! Ira went off the lil bro cable and is already getting off the dock on the main cable! He is perfecting his toe-side edge. Harry tried to go wake to wake behind the boat! On the cable he’s practicing a 360 on the fun box and a backroll off the kicker! Baillie wakeboarded for his first time today and went to the lil bro cable. Then after two times, moved up to the main cable, and got off the dock his first time!

Kayllie’s shredders, aka Dragirasummer campms (combo of dragons, tigers and rams), are trying new things on and off the water! Zoe got up on the ‘lil bro and boat! She also tried to teach Kayllie a front flip on the trampoline, fail on her part! Summer can get up & turn on both the lil bro and boat! She even gave the main cable a try, we bet she’ll get it tomorrow! AJ was able to make it around the main cable his first try! He also landed the fun box! Tomorrow he will land the big box and SPY kicker.  Tiana swakeboard camptarted off on the lil bro but ended the day landing the fun box! She also tore it up on the boat landing both toe & heel side jumps! Eugenio got up on both the lil bro & boat! Eugenio also loves paddle boarding!

Liz’s little rippers aka, Back in Black, are  keeping the staff at TSR seriously entertained. Andrew is so enthusiastic and confident! He volunteered to go first on the boat today and was awesome! He pushed himself on the lil bro to do turns and ollies and made progress on the big cable. He wakeboard campeven showed us his awesome dance moves and flips at Spring Loaded. Chris loved skateboarding today and would spend all his time on the park if we let him. He tried some new ramps and it was awesome! He impressed us all by riding switch on the boat, and just does it so naturally which is amazing so the coach is teaching him to hone that skill. Josh is a really hard worker. He spent two hours straight on the lil Bro today without stopping, working on everything from getting up to turns. He hung out with friends and showed us how great he is at flipping on the trampolines. Bernardo loved the Lil Bro today. He even rode one handed doing a “hang loose” sign. He tried the cable and wants to try again tomorrow!

One thought on “Lucky Number Seven

  1. Awesome! Sounds like everyone is having a blast! Can’t wait for Friday! We love you Summer! Toki says Woof! xo

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