Mid Week Wake Report

wakeboard campDavid’s crew is keeping the energy up and trying everything they can at TSR! Tanner is working on getting off the dock by himself and has successfully learned to wakeskate!  He is also a body dragging pro on the 2.0.  Jackson rocked the boat today and is now starting to ollie off it.  He has been really resilient trying to learn to wakeboard off the main cable.  Nick made it to the third turn around off the main able and could make it all the way around if he spent more time on it; but he’s progressing very fast.  He also learned how to Wakeskate off the little bro.  Josh has been working skateboard campon his routine for the showdown and learning to Wakeskate. He’s able to ollie on the Wakeskate and get off the dock by himself.

The Kazoo Crew, Erica’s group, is also having a blast! Danielle learned how to wakesurf behind the boat and hit the transfer box successfully.  She is excited to hit more structures and we are pumped to see her try so many new things!  Ira learned how to wakesurf today and really enjoyed it! He can get off dock by himself and has his eyes set on a few of the structures on the main cable!  Jackson hit the kicker successfully and made some serious attempts at the flat rail and Wahoo’s kicker.  He also wakesurwakeboard campfed but prefers boarding.  Baillie made it all the way around the cable and is sizing up the fun box.  He did really well behind the boat and learned to wakesurf!  Harry tried a 360 on the fun box and almost landed it, he just lost the handle.  Behind the boat he attempted wakesurfing and almost got the hang of it.

Dragirams, Kayllies crew, loves to surf! Summer wakesurfed for the first time ever and did an awesome jsummer campob!  She didn’t even need a rope.  On the cable, she made it all the way to the second set of buoys.  Zoe gave the big cable a try and we know she’ll get it by the end of the week! She also joined our four man surf session on the back of the boat.  AJ tried the kicker and landed it!! He is getting off the bench by himself and can successfully land both boxes every time.  Tiana can flip and flop.  She loves spring loaded and jumped for two hours straight.  She also tore it up on the wakesurf!  Eugenio tried the big cable!  He got up and made it all the way to the first buoys on his first try!!

Cinco de Mine-OH, Liz’s little shredders have so much energy! Andrew was kind of nervous about going on the big cable because she had a hard time yesterday.  Ryker, the cable operator finally banned him from the Lil Bro because he was too good at it.  He tried the big cable and got up! Now that’s all e wants to do.  Bernardo hit the Lil Bro again today and made it his goal to learn to edge well so that he could go on the big cable.  He got his turns down and he is now working on getting the hang of the big cable.  Josh was really nervous today but bravely decided to hit the big cable.  He got up on his first try and he is now working on his turns so he can get all the way around.  He loved hanging summer campwith the other boys today and really showed his hilarious personality.  He has the best burp and arial on the trampoline.  Chris hit the big cable today and loved spring loaded.  After 2 hours of jumping he didn’t want to leave the dodgeball game he was playing. He also really loved riding a scooter down the big ramps at the skate park.  Gabe is a leader!  He loved hanging with the other boys and showing them tricks he could do.  She made especially good friends with josh who is the same age and looks similar to him! He plays hard and loves to hang out with anyone and everyone.

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