The Final Showdown!

wakeboard campThis is a big week at TSR, because it marks the final showdown of the season, the last chance for riders to qualify for the National Points Championship! This week we have had several campers determined to train and hone their skills to show off tonight in the local competition! Campers who don’t choose to compete will be on the beaches cheering their friends on! Parents your welcome to join us at 5pm, and if you can’t make it, DON’T WORRY you will see your camper ride in the exhibition tomorrow at noon!wakeboard camp

On to the report:

Erika’s crew is taking to the structures at TSR! The entire group can make it all the way around the cable and are determined to conquer the ramps and rails laid out around the main cable! Baillie has gained control of his edges and has his eyes set on the fun box, we think he will nail it by the end of the week! He also has taken to surfing behind the boat and flips in Spring Loaded.  Harry finally got up surfing behind the boat. On the cable he hit the transfer box a few times and is thinking about hitting the kickers! Danielle is showing the boys how its done! She hit the transfer box AND Spy kicker today! Shes so pumped and practically fearless!! Jackson plans to enter the Thursday Night Showdown and is practicing all the obstacles and 360’s!summer camp

Dragirams, Kayllie’s shred masters, are carving around the cable like it’s no ones business! Zoe, aka 2.0 body dragging queen, gave the big cable a try, we know she’ll get it by the end of the week! Summer also made an impressive attempt at the main cable making it all the way to the fourth buoys! That’s almost a full lap! A.J has mastered the ice berg and kicker, hitting them with style and landing them every time! Way to go A.J.!! Eugenio loves bouncing around like a cat with Brien in spring loaded, he has so much energy! He is also quite the pool shark, coming EXTREMELY close to beating Kayllie in a game of pool.  summer camp

David’s group is a very determined bunch of riders. Tanner dominated both boxes today and hit them over and over. Now his eyes are set on the kicker and he almost has his entire routine down for the showdown tonight!  Jackson has been the hardest worker of the group, he is so determined to get through the turns on the main cable and he is not giving up. He’s spent so much of his time learning and riding, he should be around the cable by Friday! Joshua is a FAST learner and has really taken a liking to wakeskating! He made it all the way around on the main cable on his first try, and is landing ollie’s and 180’sPoints Championship off the fun box!! Nicholas made it all the way around the main cable twice today and is working on learning some awesome surface tricks.  He also tried wakeskating and is already doing ollies!

Liz’s little rippers, aka the Skuhl Cwushas, are having a blast! Andrew worked on his turns on the big cable, rides every way possible (body dragging/surfing) on the 2.0. and played “king of the hill” on paddle boards! Josh tried wakeskating on the little bro, is working on his turns on the big cable and body dragged at the 2.0! Bernardo is relentless on the big cable perfecting his edges and rode the 2.0 like a pro. Chris shredded the ramps for the first time skateboarding with no fear and OWNED it! His focus on the big cable is making it around the corners and he is so close to getting all the way around!  Ira made it all the way around the cable five times and hit the fun box! He did awesome behind the boat, almost making it wake to wake!!

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