Monday Report!

Week 8 has kicked off with a bang! Not only is the Olympic spirit thriving here at TSR but kids are improving as we speak! Brien’s group saw lots of improvement and pushed everyone else to try harder. Rigel started the week off really strong with an awesome day! He made it all the way across the little bro and was climbing up and down the rock wall for about an hour, that takes a lot of stamina! Andrew impressed everybody at spring loaded, he could do more flips then anyone else there! He continued to impress everyone at all of the other activities we did today too! Walker is loving every minute of riding, he hit every obstacle that we have on our cable and almost landed everyone! by the end of the week Walker definitely be landing everyone. This is Tanner’s second week of camp and is so happy to be back and you can tell that in his riding. He tried the kicker and the iceberg and almost landed both of them! Christian rocked the big cable, going around ten times! He will hopefully be hitting obstacles soon and learning some cool tricks! Reese was so excited to ride! and everyone was so excited for him when he made it around the big cable for his first time! Reese also was having so much fun when we were playing dodgeball in spring loaded, and was getting a lot of people out! He has quite an arm, and I can imagine that we will do well at our camp dodgeball tournament! Gabe was jumping around all over the place at Spring Loaded and was loving it, he was also flipping over people sitting on the matts!

Elizabeth’s group was all smiles as we can see.

Carson is super pumped to try the big cable! She was working on her turns at the little bro and 2.0 to make sure she was ready for it. Carson can also ride a skateboard without any help! Cole is a super determined athlete, he was ready to hit anything and everything! He OWNED the fun box, and is now working on landing the transfer box, he is so close to getting it! Alex was working really hard at the little bro today! He even tried to get on the big cable, but decided he needed to work on his turns a little more so that he can really rock the big cable. Jacob is a beast on a wakeboard! He rides with one of his arms hurt and can slide off the dock! It was really impressive! Landry got up on the little bro! He also loved to skateboard and was really showing off his moves. Landry also played hardcore in dodgeball, and he will do really well when play our camp dodgeball tournament!

Noah has already learned a new trick behind the boat,a front side grab! He is also practicing a scarecrow on the cable! He has already been improving in his wake boarding skills! Ali has been practicing her outside air tricks on the cable, today she tried a railey!! Anna M. has been trying her 360 off the kicker and almost has it down! She also has been practicing her throws in spring loaded so she can try and when our camp dodgeball tournament! Carlos learned how to wakeboard on the cable and behind the boat, AND, has already hit the fun box! Anna B. surfed behind the boat.! On the cable she was surfing and learned a body barrel! She’s is also teaching the rest of the group how to surf. Isaac broke one of his brackets on his braces, so he got to spend most of his day at the orthodontist, but once he got back he was jumping around at spring loaded and practicing for the dodgeball tournament.

Kayllie’s group brought all the energy today! Londyn got up on the lil bro on a wakeboard and wakeskate! She also dominated our volleyball game at spring loaded! Peanut (Ashlyn P.) got all the way down on the lil bro on a wakeboard! She also loved paddle boarding on the boat lake! Charleyne got up on the lil bro! She also learned a front flip in spring loaded and loves to skateboard! Ashlyn B. got up on the lil bro right away! She also tried the big cable a few times and will hopefully get up and around tomorrow! 

David’s group definitely showed all the campers what it means to shred. Dalton hit the flat rail, the fun box, the transfer box, the iceberg, and both kickers! He landed a 180 off of the kicker and hit 100% of the flat rail! Blake Berryman was tearing it up on the big cable, he landed a couple of raleys and a ton of back flips off of the spy kicker! Blake Barbre landed a tail grabe off of the wahoo’s kicker today, and he also got a 360 off of the fun box and started hitting the flat rail! Bret got off the dock by himself! he was making it all the way around and was doing tons of ollies on his way, he also landed a 180 off the fun box! he is rocking it!

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