Meet the Overnight Camp Director

Overnight Camp Director

Camp TSR is so excited to welcome our awesome new Camp Director, Eric! Eric worked at TSR eight years ago, while studying radio, television and broadcasting at Texas State University. An avid skateboarder, Eric is now retired from the Navy and back at Texas State, studying Recreation Management.  When asked “Why Camp”? Eric responded with “I love empowering kids, watching them learn how to do things they never thought they could do, and I love the whole camp enviroment”.  When asked “what’s special about you?” Eric responded “I’m tall.”  We promise you, Eric is one of a kind, he’s here for a reason and your kids are going to love him as much as we do.

Assistant Camp Director, Murphy.  Murphy is Eric’s service dog.  A black border collie, Murphy is always in a good mood and loves kids.  When asked “What’s special about your?” Murphy responded with “I’m Vigilant and always on watch.”  He’s also lots of fun to play with an loves to cuddle!

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