Summer is HERE!!!!

We can’t believe it… CAMP

photo 3.JPG


HAS STARTED! We’ve waited a whole year for this glorious day and are so excited to have session one campers checked in and on the go. Want to know what is REALLY REALLY cool about this

week? Some of our favorite return campers are here. Wphoto 2.JPGe might as weel have named it training week number two. A few of our veteran campers are spending their NINTH summer with Camp TSR. So Cool. We are so so lucky.

More detailed updates to come over the week, but for now here are some awesome pictures from day one. Campers have been wakeboarding on the boat, out on the cable, spent a little time at Spring Loaded and on the skatepark.  PARENTS- thank you for letting us kick off summer with your kids. We love camp! We love summer! We love wakeboarding! What better way to get summer started right?!

photo 5.JPG

photo 4.JPG

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