Mid Week Recap!

Session two has gotten off to an awesome start! Campers have formed into four groups:

Team Gnarly – Because they are so chill. We don’t get it either.

The Wake Avengers

The Wake Slayers
Team ‘Too Cool’ – to come up with a name…..

“Team Gnarly” Update! Bailey, Erin, Victor, Will and Blake: Monday, almost everyone face planted on the cable, but had a blast doing it. We all know that taking a few fall is just part of the learning process. During ride breaks the crew played eking of the hill on the newly installed  inflatables. We know this will be a fan favorite all Summer long.  By Tuesday, EVERYONE got up on the main cable or  little bro and we are so proud. A few even started going off kickers and tried edging hard for new tricks. Bailey and Erin both got across the little bro and showed off a little with one handed shredding. Blake is determined to get wake skating down, Victor knows he will have a Tantrum by the end of the week, and Will is out there shredding it every single chance he gets.


The “Wake Avengers” are also off to an impressive start. Zoe overcame her fear of skateboarding her first day and now loves it. We are so proud.  Mason was the dodge ball king and lead the team in last night’s tournament. He jumped, dodged, ducked and dived to miss each ball. Maddie has seriously progressed her wakeboarding skills. She has been riding smoothly on the 2.0 and is learning to perfect her big cable riding. Keithan is our one and only day camper for the week and we are so excited to have him. He is champion of   king of the hill and the water slide. He stood on the water trampoline and practiced keeping his balance while other kids jumped with him.  He also has some impressive boat skills for such a little guy. Reese is still devotedly learning how to cable ride. She is determined to learn and is quickly getting better.  We can’t wait to see where she will be at the end of the week.

Team “Too Cool’ is also having a rad week (despite the fact that they have refused to create a team name) Right from the start everyone was keen to get involved in all the activities; everyone jumped right onto their skate boards at the park and almost everyone is rolling in on the ramps, with a couple of campers sure to get it by the end of the week. Star has been shredding, learning raleys on the 2.0 and hitting several structures on the big bro. Morgan has started hitting the fun box on the back side of the lake and is sure to hit the wedge soon. Makenzie got up first time on the boat and quickly moved from the little bro to the big bro. Kaitlyn has been hitting the fun box and is sizing up the kickers, and Jacob is hitting most of the heal side structures. Hunter has mastered the little bro and is having progress behind the boat and on the big bro.

Last but certainly NOT least: the “Wake Slayers!” Caleb didn’t want wakeboard any this week, but his counselor said if he trys he will then do it with him. He loves wakeboarding now! Garrette is the camp directors awesome assistant. He has been his right hand man for every task. He has tried just about everything and as a veteran at camp, has been an awesome leader to the other campers. Mason S tried to tell us he was quiet and didn’t liek to talk much on the first day. He didn’t have us fooled, he is now mister socialite and has become friends with campers and counselors alike! He is also making serious improvements out on the lake.  Eddie is a dodgeball king. Nicknamed Elvis and “The ladies man” he’s the most energized camper at every activity! Jackson has learned to ollie and look like a professional on the snowboarding hill. He even did some amazing tricks on the ramp.

Great week! We will post an update soon with all campers that have chose to compete in tomorrow night’s showdown!!! It starts at 5pm if parent’s want to come watch!

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