Murphey’s Update

 “Wake Avengers”

Zoe, Maddie, and Keithan learned to wake skate on the 2.0 and are killing it. Reese is our rockclimbing champ. She climbed and climbed and is so close to making it to the top. She was super excited and we were all so happy for her. Mason was a little tired today, but once he got on the boat he rode like a pro and was so pumped and excited to be getting the hang of things. He loved it!

“Team Gnarly”

Bailey got up on the big cable and made it all the way to the first turn! We know she will have it down by then end of the week. Erin is queen of lil bro! She gets up and shreds all the way across and back! Blake is doing awesome on the wake skate, he is shredding it on both the big and lil bro! Will and Victor are absolutely awesome! They both are doing gnarly tricks off the kicker and they aren’t afraid to try new things on the wakeboard.

Wake Slayers

Caleb is super positive, always ready to lend a hand and rides the big bro like a champ. We’ve decided that our friend Eddie has a serious smores addiction. He has seriously perfected the art of roasting marshmallows. Jackson has made some serious contributions to the group. His campfire building knowledge came in handy during last nights roast.  Mason/Cole took on the older kids at dodge ball and won, he has an accurate and strong arm.  He is also getting better and better at the lil bro. Garrett is working hard on his wake skate tricks and landed a shove it on 2.0!!!!

Team Too Cool are doing well do, they have just been so busy being so cool that their counselor hasn’t had a chance to update us all on the day!

Check out our photo bucket account for this weeks photos. More to be posted soon!

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