A Mix of Sunshine and Rain

DSC_2474Hello parents! This has been one awesome week at Camp TSR! Our campers aren’t afraid of a little rain and neither are we! We have gotten tons of water time in, even when a little water is falling from the sky. The only time we have had to call things in is during thunder and lightening but luckily those storms have passed pretty quickly.

A few quick updates on each of the overnight campers:

Kayllie has the Little Bro cable on lock and has worked her way up to the main cable. The only challenge is the pesky turns but we know she’ll have it down by the end of the week. Rodrigo & Jesus are attached at the hip and love ping pong, paddleboarding, soccer, dodgeball, and wakeboarding. They are quite the pair and are having a blast rain or shine. They IMG_4915both even learned to ride switch together. Kobe is working on his wakeskating skills and has spent a ton of time on the System 2.0. Ty has taken a liking to wakeskating too and made it three laps in a row around the main cable!

Joseph has really impressed us this week with his willingness to take on everything. He challenged himself on the main lake riding on a wakeboard and a wakeskate. He had no prior wakeboarding experience so this quite the accomplishment. George is equally impressive doing lap after lap on the main cable. This kid NEVER gets tired! Zac stands out from the crowd with his surfing skills. He has made laps around the main cable on the wakeboard but has really shown off his skills on Malibu’s SURF IMG_4962GATE behind the boat!

Harper, Cayden, Landon, and Mallory are all making it down and back on the lil’ bro! Mallory is learning more & more about board control, and is working on pressing through rollers behind the boat. Landon shows off his wake skills by riding with only one hand every time he gets up. Cayden is working up the nerve to go behind the boat himself, but in the meantime is becoming a pro at standing up behind the platform with coach Kasie. Harper impressed us by taking the fins off her board and learned to go back and forth within the Malibu wake!

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