Wake Heaven Session Seven!

IMG_2716 Alec has really impressed us with is riding skills and has already mastered many of the rails on the main cable! Zane has taken a serious liking to wakeskating and has really progressed on the Little Bro. Kevin dominated the Little Bro and has moved up to the main cable, we know he will have the turns down by the end of the week. Josh is our boat guru this week, impressing all the campers with his wake-to-wake board grab! Grant moved up to the Main Cable today and is working on his turns, where is has really excelled is on the Burton snow hill. We are all impressed with his snowboarding skills!

Brandi and Ray are practicing rallys on the 2.0 Cable System, most attempts looked like cannon balls but they were definitely having fun! Mari learned how to snowboard and wakeboard for the first time andIMG_3071 has improved very quickly overthe week. Cody seems to like the big cable and boat time most, and wants to wakeboard ALL the time, we can’t get him off the lake! Matt also loves to wakeboard, he would spend the entire day on the water if he could.

Hunter made it all the way around the main cable today! He took his fins off and has practiced board control without them in case he decides to try the fun box. Roy was a pro at the 2.0, working on surface tricks and ollies. He is so much fun to watch! Aden is become super skilled on the main cable. He can make it all the way around without any problems and has made it up to five laps in a IMG_2762row! Gerardo is the wake master. He’s been practicing going in and out of the wake and is even catching a little air.

Blayne has put his mind to learning a tantrum this week and has already achieved it, stomping several by Tuesday. Bryson quickly landed 360s on the funbox and is now trying 540s. He has even landed a 360 off the kicker! Tyler has learned to wakeboard and

wakeskate on the Little Bro, and will hopefully take them both to the main cable by the week’s end. Alexis quickly mastered the Little Bro and has moved on to the Main Cable. He is working IMG_2780on mastering the corners but we know he will have it by the end of the week. Martin has been working on hitting the kicker and is landing tricks over the fun box!


One thought on “Wake Heaven Session Seven!

  1. sounds like they are all having a blast!! Way to go Tyler Flores!! I can’t wait to check out your new skills Friday!!


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