2014 Camp Season Begins!

We are so excited to say that Camp TSR is officially in full swing for Summer 2014! Monday was awesome. Campers spent the day wakeboarding on the cable and boat, snowboarding and skateboarding. We had a few showers in the morning, but the skies cleared around noon and the rest of the day was beautiful! Our favorite part of the day was meeting legendary wakeboarder Parks Bonifay and the rest of the Ronix Wakeboards crew. Below are updates on campers from their counselors! C11

Overnight Updates: 

Team: Cobras

Counselor: Cody

Bailey made it around the main cable multiple times and hit the fun box 3 times and landing each attempt.

Ashley made it up on the main cable and around the first turn. She will likely master the main cable by the end of the day Tuesday.

Thomas has shown us he has some serious terrain skills. He has hit the fun box, Axis kicker and incline rail, landing each attempt with style.

Collin made it up on the main cable and around the first turn, he should have the entire lake mastered by the end of the day today!

Cole had multiple solid runs around the main cable and hit the fun box landing it two times.

Blake mastered his jump starts on the little bro and is working on jumping off the dock at the main cable. He has mastered turns on the main cable and are looking to focus on surface tricks next.

Team: Stalefish

Counselor: Taylor

1.Will is nailing down his wake-to-wake 180s behind the boat and we are super impressed.

2.Thomas is working on a 360 on the fun box. We hope he will have it down by Thursday night’s Showdown!

3.Bryson is tearing it up lake side and slope side, landing a 360 on the fun box and a 180 on the TSR Snow Park!

4.Toby stuck his front side 360 on the cable and learned a nose press off the starting dock. Now each cable session starts with style. 

5.Star is proving that girls can shred just as hard as the boys and is working on a tantrum off the kicker. We hope she competes Thursday night to show everyone her mad skills.

6.Nicole is a new comer to Camp TSR and has never been wakeboarding before. This is why we are so impressed that on day, she has not only gotten up behind the boat, but she has also almost made it around the entire big cable!  

7.Maddy made is showing she’s got her wakeboard skills down, cruising back and forth on the Little Bro with ease. Her next feat: wakeskating!  

Team: Megladon

Counselor: Chelsea

1.Reese successfully made it across the Little Bro on her wakebaord and is working on her heel-side turns. She is beginning to practice skateboarding on her own, but is already a natural!

Cole learned how to ollie on the little bro cable system and has begun perfecting his skateboarding skills.

Mason has perfected his heel-side and toe side turns while wakeboarding, he is definitely ready for the main cable! Not to mention, his kneeboarding skills on the boat were super impressive!

Caleb’s goal for the week was to make a lap on the big cable and he completed that his very first day! We are now working on bigger goals for the rest of the week.

Jackson’s goal for the week was to work wake to wake jumps, and he is definitely well on his way there! He has really taken advantage of his time behind the boat and is working hard to make his goal a reality. 

Maddy began learning her heel side and toe side turns and hopes to really improve her wakeskating skills this week. We are excited to see that happen. 

Day Camp Updates: 

Team: Brittany’s Billy Goats

Counselor: Brittany

1.Giovanna is definitely the princess this week and likes to show all the boys up!  She loves the 2.0 and boards all the way down and back with ease. 

2.Victor has done an awesome job on the 2.0 and little bro. We are working on S curves so we can take his skills to the main cable. 

3.Freddy loves being back at camp TSR, and especially loves wake sessions on the boat. This kid can shred!

4.Isaac loves TSR and loves to wakeboard, having a blast on the 2.0 and behind the boat. 

5.Ethan is the group clown and loves to have a good time. We are super excited that he has gotten over his fear of wakeboarding and doesn’t just tolerate it, he loves it! 

6.Pierce has no fear and down to try anything. We love his attitude and are super impressed that he has gotten up on the Little Bro and 2.0! 

7.Marcos is trying to make it all the way around the main cable and we know he will have it down soon, especially because he conquered the 2.0 with ease!

Recaps from Alex and Sierra will be added soon!

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