Mid Week Wrap & Showdown Announcements

Week One has been AWESOME! All of our campers seriously rock, and we could not have asked for a better crew to kick off the 2014 summer season. Below are updates from our overnight counselors, and the much anticipated list of Thursday Night Showdown Competitors. The Thursday Night Showdown begins at 5:00pm with the beginner division!

Tomorrow’s competitors: Will Bruns, Caleb, Jackson, Mason, Bailey, Collin, Cole, Blake, Thomas, and Blayne!




Team: Stalefish

Counselor: Taylor

Toby has really taken to skateboarding and is impressing us all with his X Game style skills. Today transferred the quarter park!

Thomas also tore it up on the concrete jungle, landing shove it after shove it with complete ease.

Bryson took a break from wakeboarding behind the boat and practiced wakeskating, working on board control and surface skills.

Will stormed the main cable focusing on structures. He attempted a tantrum of the axis kicker and hit the C-rail. He also caught some SERIOUS air behind the boat, mastering his wake-to-wake jumps.

Star is also working on landing her tantrum consistently and mastering her wake-to-wake jumps.

Nicole brought her unicycle to camp and we LOVE IT! She is definitely more skilled than our staff when it comes to unicycling, but we love watching her ride. She has also mastered wakeboarding on the main cable and has moved on to wakeskating.

Maddy took Nicole’s lead and also challenged herself to a new skill today, wakeskating!


Team: Megladons

Counselor: Chelsea

Reese learned how to ride on the little bro with one hand and led her dodge ball team to a victory!

Mason kneeboarded behind the boat today and is a total natural. He told us that he tried it before, so now he wants to ride over the wake.

Jackson is getting closer to nailing his wake jumps. We know with a little more practice he will get there and catch some big air!

Cole S. has been improving his wakeboarding skills behind the boat and is focusing on board control and turns.

Caleb successfully completed lap after lap around the cable lake. His personal record is currently four laps in a row!

Maddy C decided to continue wakeskating and has perfected the little bro. We believe she is now ready to step it up and wakeboard on the main cable.


Team: Cobras 

Counselor: Cody

Bailey is starting to really master the main cable, the fun box and his wake wake jumps!

Ashley made it up three times on the main cable and around the first turn. We know she will have the full cable down by the end of tomorrow!

Thomas hit the axis kicker. He is working on landing it consistently, and in the process we have seen some pretty awesome falls!  He is also riding switch on the boat to really improve his board control.

Collin hit the fun box for the first time and popped off at the end and landed.

Cole is working on surface tricks. He spent the day riding switch and landing surface 180s on the little bro.

Blake has been seriously focused on the boat working on his wake jumps with his eye on landing wake-to-wake. We are very impressed because he just learned to get out of the wake, so being able to make it half way across is a big deal!

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