Thursday’s Update and Check Out Info!

We could not be happier with our campers during this first week of camp! Not only are they an absolute blast to work with, all of them have improved their boarding skills and are riding with their own awesome style. We even have several campers competing in our Thursday night showdown, including Will Bruns, Caleb, Jackson, Mason, Bailey, Collin, Cole, Blake, Thomas, and Blayne!

Just a quick reminder about check out- overnight begins at 12PM on Friday with the parent’s show, where your kids get to show you what they’ve learned this week, so make sure not to miss that! This will be followed by the presentation of the camp video and camper awards in the blue room (check out will be over by 1:30). Day camp exhibition starts at 11am followed by awards and should be complete by 12:30. Keep reading to get updates about individual campers!wk1cmp1

Team: Sierra’s Sharks
Alex has really taken to loving snowboarding, and had a blast with everyone at spring loaded.
Max is always incredibly enthusiastic, which helps to keep encouraging everyone else in the group, and his favorite activity is wakeboarding.
Mariela is a great wakeboarder and has been working on control of her board and her S turns, but she also loves bodyboarding most.
Ainsley is our adventurous one of the group, and while he loves wakeboarding he also likes to try new things like skateboarding, and slack lining!
Jared has been trying a little bit of everything, wakeboarding and snowboarding. He also loves playing with the fish and body-boarding.
Zane was a pro at snowboarding and rode with style!wk1cmp2

Team: Cobras (Cody)
Bailey has improved her skills on the main cable and has been practicing tricks on the fun box. Jumping the wake behind the boat has been getting easier for her too- she’s looking great!
Ashley made it around the 3rd turn and onto the 4th, and has improved her starts off the dock- she barely ever falls at the start now!
Thomas is improving his skills on the Axis kicker and the incline rail. His next goal is to hit the pipe for the points chase competition to improve his run. He also did a tail grab on a wake jump behind the boat.
Collin made it all the way around multiple times on the big cable and has been hitting the fun box almost every run to master it before points chase.
Cole had a blast in paintball and won his first game, then participated in a water balloon fight. He sure loves those fun competitions!
Blake hung out and swam with his buds in the water by the Main Cable and has been working to improve his skills behind the boat- loving it more each day!wk1cmp3

Team: Megladons (Chelsea)
Mason tried the big cable today and made it all the way to the second turn! He hopes to make a complete lap and eventually hit the fun box.
Cole’s first try on the big cable today landed him all of the way to the first turn. He hopes to make a complete lap by the end of the week.
Caleb successfully landed the fun box on his first attempt and has decided that he wants to compete in points chase this week.
Jackson has been perfecting his wake jumps and wants to compete in points chase this week with caleb.
Maddy tried the big cable today and realized that it is not as scary as she thought and wants to keep trying it. She also learned to ollie today!wk1cmp4

Team: Stalefish (Taylor)
Bryson tore it up on the wakesurf behind the boat and even tried a few airs and spins. He’s definitely getting steezy!
Toby picked up wakeskating super fast and started bringing his skateboarding skills to the water. He also successfully landed a tantrum for the first time!
Thomas threw the rope and carved some waves on his first time ever wakesurfing! He loved it!
Will was champion of paintball on campfire night, going undefeated in all his games.
Star almost landed a tantrum! She’s getting super close. She also got in on some paintball last night with the guys, one of the only girls to play.
Nicole always wants to wakeskate- she’s even learning ollies and 180’s!
Maddy had a blast on the tubing hill, racing down against other campers.

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