Session Two for the Win!

Session Two has been awesome! Along with wakeboarding, skateboarding and snowboarding, Camp TSR has spent some serious time cheering on some of our favorite teams to victory! Sunday Night we watched the SPURS win the national championship and last night we cheered on USA in the World Cup! Overall, this will CERTAINLY be a week for the books. Check out daily updates from counselors below:

camp 4

TEAM: Outlaws 


Barrett really enjoyed Cable and Boat yesterday and is determined to land a toeside front roll.

Parker’s favorite activity is cable by far, and he has been working his hardest to pull and land a back 180 to Blind.

Riley is working on his S turns on the little bro till he feels comfortable enough to ride the big bro with ease.

Colby made it around the main cable for the first time and wants to be able to ride multiple times around the big cable.

Paxton mastered his S turns and is working his way to the main cable, he’s having a little trouble getting off the dock, but is determined to get it ASAP.

Chase has been working on riding switch on wakeboard and is able to do a surface 180 in to his switch S force.

Sheldon learned how to do a surface 180 and an ollie on wake.


Team Rough Riders

Counselor: Chelsea

Tommy has been trying to get a higher wake jump and is well on his way to complete that.

Victor definitely surprised me with his wakeboading skills behind the boat.  He is hoping to perfect his tantrum and is considering riding in Points Chase this week.

Jacob has been working hard to ride on the flat rail located on the big cable.  He is very close.

Bryson was the only one to hit the flat box on the snow hill today.  He has been increasing his amount of cable tricks for Points Chase on Thursday.

Noah wants to learn how to do a 180 over the wake and wants to compete in Points Chase too.

Morgan was skeptical of the snow hill today but she conquered it like a champ and did really well.  She wants to improve her technique behind the boat and solidify her tricks on the cable lake structures.

Kaitlyn conquered her fear of snowboarding and did pretty well at it.  She perfected her heel-side turns too.

camp 3

Team:  Stalefish

Counselor:  Taylor

Clara successfully hit both fun boxes for the first time on the main cable lake and had a blast on the tubing hill.  Also hit the incline rail.

Drew attempted the fun box on the main cable lake and was super close to landing it.

Dylan did really well on the snowboarding hill and tore it up in paintball.  He won all of his games.

Lauren tried and landed the fun box despite taking a couple good spills on it.  Really excited about competing Thursday.

Eddie practiced his heel side and toe side turns on cable.  Got up easily behind the boat, starting to learn how to jump the wake.

Jason got out on the big cable and made it almost all the way around.  Rode behind the boat and working on crossing the wake.

Dawson did really well behind the boat and learned how to ride switch on the cable.


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