What’s New in Session Two!

photo 2This week of camp couldn’t be getting any better! All of our campers are having so much fun and their skills are improving in every activity we have here at TSR. Tonight is also the second of six points chase competitions for our Thursday Night showdown, and we have several campers competing! Bryson, Noah, Victor, Parker, Barret, Chase, and Riley are all planning on competing tonight, so be sure to come cheer them on!

Don’t forget that camp check out is tomorrow, beginning at NOON with the parent’s show, where your campers get to show you everything they’ve been working on and learning this week! The parent’s show will be followed by our camp video and awards in the blue room.

Here are some more updates on each camper!

Team: Stalefish (Taylor’s Group)

  1. Eddie has now learned how to wakesurf without the rope! He also really liked snow tubing and dominated in the game of paintball we played after the luau.
  2. Dawson got even better at jumping the wake behind the boat, and loved tubing at the snow hill.photo 1
  3. Jason learned how to ride switch AND learned how to do a surface 180 on the big cable. He’s learning so fast he may be a pro in the making!
  4. Dylan won the camp water balloon toss and played some more paintball after riding all day, but he seemed to have the most fun making s’mores at the camp fire (and eating them)!
  5. Drew surfed really well behind the boat, then went swimming and laid on the beach with the girls.
  6. Clara also surfed behind the boat and even got brave and attempted to hit the kicker again!
  7. Lauren is still psyching herself up to hit the funbox again. Had a great time hanging out at the campfire making s’mores.

Team: Rough Riders (Chelsea’s Group)photo 3

  1. Tommy landed the kicker today and is working on hitting more structures
  2. Kaitlyn- in one single run, landed the funbox, the incline rail, and the kicker for the very first time. She was on fire this morning!
  3. Morgan hit the flat rail today and hopes to land that, the kicker and the incline rail!
  4. Noah learned how to do a 360 off the pipe rail and has been improving his run for the points chase competition tonight!
  5. Victor learned how to nose press off of the dock an is currently working on his raley!
  6. Bryson tried working on his acid drops off the big cable for wake skating today and is making progress!
  7. Jacob hit and landed the Malibu kicker today and has been improving his riding all day

Team: Outlaws (Cody’s Group)

1. Barrett surfed behind boat yesterday for the first time and made it down and back aphoto 4round the turn!
2. Parker is still working on his backside 1880 and loved playing paintball- he even won most of the games!
3. Riley learned how to do ollies on the wake skate.
4. Colby learned how to boardslide down the fun box on snow hill.
5. Paxton made it to the second turn on the big cable- he should be all the way around in no time!
6. Chase learned how to start off the dock riding switch on wake skate.
7. Sheldon was able to make it to the 4th turn and only has to complete one more!

Don’t forget to come watch the showdown tonight and cheer on our campers! See everyone tomorrow for the parent’s show and check out!

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