Shred On Session Three!


Session three has come to an exciting start! Campers kicked off Sunday evening with a private cable session and dinner in Wahoo’s. They then cheered on team USA in the world cup to a near victory, which sadly ended up being a tie with Portugal. They also competed in an awesome photo scavenger hunt around the property! Monday was just as awesome, counselor recaps from the first day are below. So far we haven’t had any rain, we are keeping our fingers crossed and anticipating an unforgettable week!


Team: Stalefish

AJ learned how to nose press off the dock and had a blast playing on the winning team for paintball.

Martin leaned how to hit the incline rail switch and won his paintball game last night.

Ryan landed a tail grab behind the boat, setting his sights on learning the funbox next.

Louis got up on the little bro and made it almost all the way down, he also played dodgeball in spring loaded and loved it.

Hunter is getting really close to getting up on the big bro and also had a ton of fun in the camper dodgeball tournament.



Sybil learned how to stand up and wakeboard behind the boat and hopes to learn how to get off the dock on the big cable.

Roy showed off his wakeskate abilities today when he got up and rode it behind the boat. He wants to improve his wakeskate skills more this week.

Kanon tried wakeskating today and enjoyed it very much. He decided to try something new everyday. He wants to try kneeboarding and wakeboarding next.

Ethan learned how to snowboard with our snow coach today and with some help made it from the top and rode down the hill. He seemed disappointed that our snow session was over because he liked it so much.

Ben enjoyed riding his wakeboard on the 2.0 system and also loved to play paintball.

Garrett enjoyed wakeskating on the 2.0 and wants to learn a “shuv it” on his wakeskate.


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