Mid Week Updates, Showdown Lowdown and Camp Check Out!

c1This week of camp has been awesome! Although the area has seen some storms, the TSR bubble lives on and the rain has gone around us for the most part.  All of our campers are having so much fun and their skills are improving in every activity we have here at TSR.

Thursday Night Showdown: Tonight is the third of six points chase competitions for our Thursday Night showdown, and we have several campers competing! AJ, Ryan and Martin are all planning on competing tonight, so be sure to come cheer them on!

Don’t forget that camp check out is tomorrow! c2

Camp Check Out Schedules: Day camp check-out begins at 11:00am with a camper exhibition followed by awards. The overnight check out begins at NOON with the parent’s show, followed by video and awards in the blue room.

Here are a few more updates from our awesome counselors:

Team: Stalefish

Louis made it all the way down and back on the little bro and went tubing on the 2.0.

Hunter got up on the big bro and made it all the way around for the first time ever. Also got up behind the boat for the first time

Garrett wake skated on the 2.0 and behind the boat. Had fun tubing on the 2.0.

Ryan landed the incline rail and the big fun box, attempted the kicker. His team won the camper Olympics Tuesday night

Martin landed the flat rail and working on improving his kicker hits. Also on the winning team for the camper Olympics.

Roy learned how to do a surface 180 on his wakeskate today and enjoyed trying to knee board

Kanon learned how to do a surface 360 on the wake skate and did a little knee boarding

Ethan loves hanging out at the 2.0. He really enjoys taking swim breaks there and gets disappointed whenever its time to leave.

Ben loved tubing on the 2.0 cable. He has learned how to perfect his wakeboard stance and hopes to make it on the big cable.

Lexi made it all the way down the little bro today and she learned how to start a little more smoothly.

James enjoyed trying to wakeskate on the little bro today and wants to try it on the 2.0

Emily tried the big cable to day and made it all the way to the first turn


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