Mid Week Update & Check-Out Reminders

Session four has been a blast. This group has been so much fun, we can’t believe the week is almost over! c4-1Don’t forget about early check-out tomorrow. The camper exhibition will begin at noon on the cable, awards and camp video will follow in the Blue Room.

Chelsea’s Megladons

Bailey worked on sliding off the dock, and after a few tries, she finally landed it.

Max loves riding on the big cable and made it all of the way to the third corner.

c4-2Matt enjoys riding on the big cable and for the first time he made a complete lap around the lake.

Jake perfected his tricks on the big cable and he learned how to hit the pipe rail.

Christian learned how to hit and land the Malibu kicker. He also wishes to learn some air tricks on the 2.0 cable system.

Jeremiah perfected his ride over the fun box and learned how to ride on the incline rail.

Taylor’s Outlaws

Grant is working on the big bro. He made it all the way around for the first time ever. His team won the Camper Olympics.

Jack did awesome on the boat and working on the big cable. Jack won the hula hoop battle for his team in the Camper Olympics.c4-4

Mia did awesome on the 2.0 cable and behind the boat. She did a great job riding over all the rollers and waves like a pro.

Amelia made a full lap around the boat lake for the first time. Her team came in second in the Camper Olympics.

Leah learned how to wakeskate. She practiced on the little bro and learned how to do 180 on the wake skate.

Lexi mastered the little bro today, making it all the way down and back.

Bella made it all the way up and down the little bro and had a great time swimming at the 2.0.

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