Mighty Session Five!


Session five has gotten off to a great start! Camp staff is feeling refreshed after the holiday weekend and campers are ready to roll with great attitudes and some serious focus on having fun! We’ve had a private session on the main cable, a paint ball tournament, awesome wake, skate and snow sessions and sunny skies to top it all off. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow, check-out reminders and a full list of all campers competing in Thursday night’s tournament.

TEAM: Stalefish COUNSELOR: Taylor

McCray played dominated paint ball and had a blast! He is one serious shredder, riding the main cable he learned to hit the fun box and kicker. He also tore it up on the snow hill and made it look too easy!

Riley got up on the big bro and rode all the way around a couple times dominating the turns. He played paintball too and loved it!

John did awesome on the big cable, landing the kicker and the funbox. He wants to work on 180s today. He also wrecked at paintball!

Marshall rode really well on the big cable. He mastered the funbox and now wants to work on kickers.camptsr3

Gerrardo made it up and around the big cable first try, he had a blast in Spring Loaded playing dodge ball!

Sebastian had a blast in Spring loaded playing dodge ball, and tore it up on the little bro making it down and back easily.

Zach did awesome on the big bro making it all the way around easily, he had a great time playing dodge ball and paint ball!

camptsr1TEAM: Cobras COUNSELOR: Cody
Pierce learned to snowboard and wakeboard for the first time yesterday and did great!
Andrew hit the kicker and the funbox, both of which he has landed before. For now he is still getting back into the groove of things, but  we can’t wait to see what else he will learn this week.
Colton learned how to “S” turn and cut hard around the corners on the big bro.
Casen did a surface 180 on the little bro and is working his way up to the big bro. He’s made it all the way to the first turn, we know he will be circling laps in no time.
George made it all the way around the big bro for the first time, and mastered the hardest turn, the last one. We are very impressed!
TEAM: Megladons COUNSELOR: Chelseacamptsr4
Ben learned how to hit the fun box on the snow hill and was excited to learn how to go outside of the wake.
Mallory learned how to do a surface 180 behind the boat and is stoked to learn more!
Aiden has discovered that he loves riding behind the boat. He learned how to jump the whole wake his first day and is excited to go back out on it.
Aubrey was excited to learn how to go outside of the wake behind the boat and wants to learn more tricks later this week.
Willem is excited to learn the basics of snowboarding, but hopes to get even better. He also wants to learn to go outside the wake behind the boat.
Niko enjoyed riding behind the boat and learning hot to snowboard today. He hopes to try the big cable before the end of the week.
Paxton learned how to jump outside of the wake and has decided that he wanted to try the funbox.

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