More Updates & Check-out Reminders!

photo 1Week Five has been a non-stop drive for fun! We’ve had an absolute blast this week and we’re looking forward to our Points Chase Showdown competition- happening TONIGHT! We have several campers competing this week, so be sure to come out and show your support for them! The showdown starts at 5pm with the beginner division, and the campers we have participating include Ben, Aiden, Andrew, John, and McCray!

A few reminders about check-out tomorrow. Check out begins starting at 12pm with the parent’s show outside! Your kids will all be able to show off everything they’ve learned for the week, so definitely don’t miss out on that! The parent’s show will be followed by the camp video and awards in the blue room at 12:30. photo 5

Here are some individual updates for each camper. See you tomorrow!

Team- Stalefish; Counselor- Taylor

McCray landed a mute frontside 180 off the incline rail and has mastered the funbox.

John was able to land the kicker yesterday and learned how to do an indy grab.

Gerrardo took off the fins on his board and learned how to hit the funbox.

Sebastian gave the big bro another try and made it all the way to the last turn. He also loved sledding on the snow hill!

Zach took the fins off of his board and leaned how to do an indy grab!

Riley hit the fun box on the big cable and did an awesome job learning how to ride without fins.

Marshall had a blast riding the cable and working on hitting the funbox.

photo 4

Team- Megladons; Counselor- Chelsea

Mallory learned how to snowboard down the middle hill and also learned how to ride switch behind the boat!

Aubrey was excited to snowboard down the hill without someone holding her up, and she did an excellent job!

After practicing behind the boat and on the little bro, Ben decided that he wants to try the big cable!

Niko learned how to go in and out of the wake behind the boat.

Aiden learned how to get a little more air in his wake jumps today and is excited to compete in points chase tonight!

Paxton was excited to hit the funbox today and hopes to hit the incline rail tomorrow!

Willem enjoyed tubing down the snow hill today and liked kneeboarding on the little bro!

photo 3Team- Cobras; Counselor- Cody

Andrew learned how to hit the incline rail, fun box, kicker, AND the flat rail! His skills are improving like crazy!

Casen is doing great behind the boat and jumped the wake, adding his own style with a tail grab!

Colton learned how to hit the fun box on the snowhill for the first time.

George almost went wake to wake behind the boat for the first time, and he’s working on a grab.

Pierce got up for the first time behind the boat and did great! He also rode on a sled down the snow hill and had a 2

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