Mid Week Update

This week is seriously flying by! We can’t believe it is already half way over. Camper Olympics last night were awesome. With the big storms rolling through we had to take our challenges indoors, which didn’t slow us down one bit! Now that the sun is back out, campers have been busy shredding the waters of TSR. This group NEVER wants to get out of the water and we love it. Camper updates are listed below, but more importantly here is the OFFICIAL list of those competing in tomorrow night’s showdown. Beginner division starts at 5pm sharp!

Tomorrow night’s competitors: Maarten, Ty and Wyatt.


Team Cobras

Counselor Cody

Tidus is tearing it up on the wake skate as usual. Where he really excelled, was in our Camp Olympics, he dominated in fooseball, won the championship in connect 4 and his team was the all around victors!

Maarten threw a switch heel 540 twice off the Malibu kicker for the first time and landed it once.

Wyatt hit the Axis kicker for the first time! He also tried barefoot skiing that turned into body surfing.

Eric tried the incline rail for the first time ever and landed it! He also was able to slide start from the doc of the Big Bro so he can begin each lap with style!

Clay was able to slide start off the dock on the big bro and landed his first try! He also killed it in trivia during the Camp Olympics. This guy knows his random facts.

Conor made it to the second turn on the big bro. He is getting better and better every day.

Ryhs got up for the first time, and once he did he became a riding machine! He rode the 2.0, boat and the little bro and was able to get up on all of them!


Team Megladons

Counselors Chelsea and Brittany

Marcelo has been working on wakeboarding on the 2.0 cable system and is excited to go back to the snow hill.

Veronica enjoyed riding on the big cable and 2.0 cable system today.

Harper learned how to cross back into the wake behind the boat and did an excellent job trying to ride the 2.0 cable system.

Langston worked hard on the 2.0 system and finally made some smooth looking runs. She also almost made it all the way down the little bro system!

Brandon learned how to ride on the 2.0 system today and did an excellent job with helping out the other campers.

Michael learned how to do a 180 on the little bro system.

Cayden is a little fish. He loves swimming in the lake and also had a blast riding on the 2.0 system. He even made a lap on the big cable!

Ryan tried the big cable today and was excited to make it to the first turn. He also enjoyed playing Apples to Apples during the Camp Olympics.


Team Stalefish

Counselor Taylor

Sam made it all the way around the big cable and practiced the turns.

Eli had fun on the 2.0 and worked on the fun box.

Lindsey got up on the big cable and made it to the first turn.

Ryan practiced heelside and toeside turns on the cable and on the boat.

Ty learned how to hit the incline rail. He loves riding the cable system too.

Zac learned how to edge better and ride finless. He also learned how to do a surface 180.

Jake hit the funbox on the main cable for the first time.

Jacob hit the kicker and the flat rail on cable. He also practiced wakeskating behind the boat.

Sebastian tried the pipe rail for the first time on the big cable.


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