Thursday Showdown and Check-Out Reminders!

photo 1(1)It’s Thursday! That means it’s time to THROWDOWN with tonight’s weekly Points Chase showdown! We have several campers competing and we would love to see you out here supporting them- come watch Maarten, Ty and Wyatt as they show us their style and steeze out on the cable! The competition will start at 5pm with the beginner division.

Just a reminder about check-out tomorrow: day campers ALL need to be here in the morning, and the parent’s show will begin at 11 am out on the cable. This will be followed by awards and the camp video presentation in the blue room at 11:30. Check-out for overnight campers will begin at NOON sharp, OUTSIDE, with the parent’s show, where your kids will get to show you everything they’ve learned over the week out on the cable systems. The show will be followed by the camp video presentation and awards in the blue room at 12:30.

Here are some more updates on what’s been happening! photo 1

Team: Cobras- Counselor: Cody

Maarten grinded down the box at the snow hill for the first time. He also learned how to surf behind the boat.

Wyatt tried the axis kicker again in a long time, and nearly landed it with a grab.

Eric tried the Malibu kicker for the first time yesterday.

Clay had a blast during paintball, he played every single game and won almost all of them!

Conor excelled in dodge ball yesterday and nearly took his team to the championship by himself.

Rhys really enjoyed the camp fire, talent show, and smores, he could eat smores for days!

Titus tried surfing for the first time and wants to get better!

Team: Megladons- Counselors: Chelsea and Brittany photo 2(1)

Langston enjoyed wakeboarding today on the little bro and jumping around in spring loaded. She also participated in the talent show.

Harper conquered her fear and tried the big cable today. She made it all the way to the first turn!

Veronica loved learning some more snowboarding techniques today.

Marcelo was excited to make it all the way down the little bro today on his wakeboard

Ryan was excited to land the box at the snow hill

Cayden practiced some snowboarding today and enjoyed playing at spring loaded

Michael enjoyed snowboarding and loved landing the box on the snow hill.

Brandon was excited to ride and land the funbox at the snow hill today.

photo 4
Team: Stalefish- Counselor: Taylor

Zac had a blast in spring loaded and riding behind the boat.

Ryan learned how to get up on the big cable and made it to the first turn.

Sam got up and made it all the way around the big bro.

Sebastian landed the kicker yesterday. He got second place in the talent show last night.

Eli learned a front flip in spring loaded. He learned how to slide off the dock on the big cable.

Ty learned how to wakesurf behind the boat. He had fun in spring loaded.

Lindsey made it around the first four turns on the big cable.

Jacob landed a tail grab off of the incline rail.

Jake learned how to wakeskate behind the boat, he had a blast in spring loaded.


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