Thursday Update and Check-Out Reminders!

Can’t believe the week is already almost over, but we sure have had an awesome time! All of our campers have made huge progress in all of their activities and we can tell they’re having fun while learning. Just as a final reminder, check-out tomorrow for half-day campers begins at 11am out on the cable with the parents show- where your kids will get to show you every thing they’ve learned over the week. The parent’s show will be followed by the camp video presentation and awards in the blue room at 11:30. For OVERNIGHT camp, the parent show will begin at NOON out on the cable, followed by the video and awards at 12:30 in the blue room.

Here are some more updates for the progress each camped has made!

Cody’s Cobrasphoto 1

Hunter got up behind boat for the first time.  He’s looking to get out of the wake on the boat next.

Josh learned how to tail grab and Indy grab behind boat while jumping the wake.

Chelsea’s Megladons

Amellia has been practicing on the big cable and made it all the way to the 2nd turn.

Marie has enjoyed building her skill on the big cable and is learning how to get more comfortable while riding.

Eddie enjoyed tubing down the snowhill today and loved surfing behind the boat.

Caden has been getting much better riding behind the boat and is excited to go the the skatepark.

Ethan enjoyed tubing on the snowhill today and is considering hitting the kicker on the big cable.

photo 2Taylor’s Stalefish

Kyle is getting really close to landing a 360 on the cable.

Brandon is still working on throwing a tantrum on cable.  Learning some grabs behind the boat.

Zack started working on a scarecrow on the cable and still practicing his 360s.

Karter finally landed a tantrum on cable and super close to landing it behind the boat.

Logan made it all the way around the big cable and thinking about trying the fun box now.

Roger figuring out the turns on the big cable and almost made a full lap.

Noah is making it all the way around the big cable and thinking about trying the fun box as well.

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