Mid-Week Update- Week 8

photo 1This week of camp has been so much fun! Our campers are all doing so well and learning so much, and we love to watch them continuing to progress! We’ve also had a ton of fun playing in a big camp dodgeball tournament, and all the campers did so well in the camp olympics! They participated in activities like paintball target practice, basketball, and water balloon tosses and it was definitely entertaining to watch. Tonight we’ll be having our weekly camp luau and we know it’s going to be a blast!

Team: Cobras- Counselor: Cody

  1. William Bruns: went wake to wake on the Axis Wake for the first time.
  2. Kagen Kaubaech: Kagen 13, working on jumping wake to wake on bot and really close.
  3. Talon Laubach: talon is also working on his jumps on boat and also hit the funbox for the first time.
  4. Luke Spence: Luke hit the flat rail for the first time and is now working on hitting he pipe rails
  5. Jordan Elsass: Jordan got up on the little bro for the first time ever wakeboarding!
  6. Kyle Osborn: Kyle did a healside back roll for the first time.
  7. Colton Cook: he got his S turns down and has already been riding the Main Cable, he has made it around the first turn and looking to get all the way around.

Team: Megladon- Couselor: Chelsea photo 2

1. Angela: she learned how to wakeboard on the little bro today and wants to learn how to ride boat.
2. Isabella: she tried snowboarding today and had fun playing dodgeball at Spring Loaded.
3. Ellie: she was excited to try the big cable today and she hopes to make a lap by the end of the week.
4. Victoria: she learned how to wakeboard on the little bro system today.
5. Sergio: he has enjoyed learning how to wakeboard on the little bro and sledding down the snowhill!!
6. Jose Pablo: he loved going to the snowhill today and sledding down really fast.
7. Emily: she tried the big cable and loved riding behind the boat.
8. Billy: he was shocked to discover that he likes snowboarding. He learned how to hit the box on the hill.

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