Thursday Updates and Check-Out Reminders!

WOW it’s THURSDAY already!! We’re sad it’s the last full day of camp, but it’s going to be an exciting day! Tonight we have our final Points Chase Thursday night showdown competition here at TSR and some of our campers have chosen to compete! The competition starts at 5pm sharp so be sure to come out and support them!

Just as a friendly reminder, camp check out begins tomorrow (Friday) at 11am for day campers out on the cable system, where campers will get to show you everything they’ve learned over the last week during our parent’s show! This will be followed by day camp awards and the camp video presentation in the blue room at 11:30.

For OVERNIGHT campers, the parent’s show will begin at NOON sharp out on the cable, and the video and awards will begin at 12:30pm in the blue room.

Here are some more updates on how our campers are doing!

Counselor: Taylor     

Travis: Learned how to ride with one hand.  Had a blast wakeboarding and rode all day.

Conner: Learned how to ride one handed on the little bro.  he had a blast wakeboarding all day.

Kane: Learned heel side and toe side turn and how to ride with one hand.  He has mastered the little bro.

Cayden: Practiced wakeboarding and wake skateing on the little bro.  He loves riding on the wakeskates.

Team: Megladoms     Counselor: Chelsea  

Emma: Emma tried wakeskating today on the big cable and wants to learn how to hit the funbox.

Ashton: Ashton learned how to wakeskate on the big cable today and wants to hit the kicker..

Michael M.: Michael learned how to water ski behind the boat today and wakeboarded to the first turn on the big cable system.

Aidan: Aidan learned how to wakeskate on the little bro today and wakeboarded on the big cable making it to the first turn.

Joshua: Joshua learned how to ride down the little bro on his wakeboard and also practiced on the 2.0 cable system.

Dawson: Dawson wakeskated on the little bro and he surfed behind the boat.

Braeden: Braeden learned how to wakeboard on the little bro today.

Team: Cobras            Counselor: Cody       

Reed: Reed went all the way around the main cable and jumped off of the wake on boat and body drug on the 2.0.

Michael: Hit the funbox and did a boardslide on the funbox.  He also wakeskated and did a surface 180 behind the boat.

Christian: He hit the flat rail for the first time, he also hit the Malibu for the first time and did a 180 on the incline rail.

Lucas: Lucas rode a wake skate for the first time and hit the funbox and incline rail on it.  He also did a 180  on the kicker using his wakeboard.

Taylor: Taylor was able to do the incline rail and the Malibu kicker for the first time.

Hunter: Hunter hit the incline rail for the first time and landed it on his first try.

Blayne: Blayne body drugged on the 2.0 and hit the incline rail for the first time.

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