2015 Session Seven

Hey Mom and Dad!!IMG_7020

Session seven at Camp TSR has been full of beautiful weather, wakeboarding, and delicious food! We have had sunny skies and hot temperatures all week, so we have taken advantage of a lot of wakeboarding, wake-skating, wake-surfing, and many swim breaks to cool off from the heat. Tonight, TSR is hosting their weekly Points Chase Showdown where our campers will be able to watch a variety of riders compete in a wakeboarding and wake-skating competition. From beginners to professional riders, the Points Chase competition has something fun to offer for everyone.

After Points Chase, campers will be able to night ride on our cable system with a beach bonfire and some tasty s’mores.We are sad to see our campers leave after such a fun week, but we are excited to share our wonderful camp memories with you tomorrow!

IMG_4033.JPGTomorrow, campers will have the opportunity to show you what they have been learning all week before camp checkout! At 12:30, we will begin our parent demo on our main cable and our lil bro cable systems. After the parent demo, we will show our camp video, give awards, and take pictures with our counselors. Campers are excited to show you everything they have learned! See you all tomorrow!!

For more updates, follow Texas Ski Ranch and Camp TSR on Instagram, and TSR Texas Ski Ranch on Facebook.

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