Camp TSR 2016 has begun!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!!!!DSC00093

The Camp TSR 2016 season has officially begun, and it is off to a GREAT start! The storms quit just in time for camp, and the sun has continued to shine. Campers have had full week already, and it is only Day 2! With plenty of water and wakeboard time throughout the days, we have sprinkled in some snowboarding, skating, sledding, and surfing. Yesterday afternoon, we held a DSC00098camp-wide dodgeball tournament over at Spring Loaded with some jump time left to spare! TSR also had a very special guest come to visit yesterday, and the campers were thrilled! Pro wakeboarder, Parks Bonifay, hung out with the kiddos and chatted with them about riding. We are excited for the rest of the week, and we will keep you posted about their busy schedules!!

Parents of Overnight Campers,

Here are some specific updates for each of the campers:

Miram’s Group

  1. Clara has been taking on the big cable, and she hit the funbox and the incline rail today! She has also been loving the surf sessions behind the boat and loved catching some rays!
  2. Augie was very excited to try surfing today. He had never surfed behind the boat before, and he finally tried it and loved it!
  3. Jayden was a beginner wakeboarder coming into Camp TSR this week, and he has improved so much! Not only did he master the little cable, he has moved on to the big cable and made it all the way around!
  4. Eva is also new to the sport, and she has also mastered the little cable and has successfully made it halfway around the big cable! We are so stoked for her!!
  5. Storm, another beginner rider, has been taking on the cable and has learned to turn and carve while riding!

For more updates, follow @TexasSkiRanch and @CampTSR on Instagram, and TSR Texas Ski Ranch and Texas Ski Ranch Youth Programs on Facebook.


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