Week 1- Thursday

What a beautiful day to play outside! The weather this week has been so amazing and definitely lifts the spirits after Sunday’s down pour. The kids had a water balloon toss competition last night and were bombarded with a surprise water balloon fight afterwards! We also bonded around the campfire and ate s’mores. Every camper is growing stronger everyday as they enhance their wakeboarding skills on the boat and the cable. Tonight is the weekly Points Chase competition and we have Keithen, Demetre, James, Maddy, Brooke, Elise, Connor, and Cameron competing! We can’t wait to cheer them on.


Maddy is doing AWESOME on the Big Bro and has been such a wonderful support for the younger campers this week.

Elise has been perfecting her wake skating on the Big Bro as well has working up to hitting the features on the Big Bro!

Brooke is absolutely crushing it on the Big Bro!

Ellie is just having a blast at camp and progressing on cable more and more each day!

Cathryne got up on the 2.0!

Langston brings her energy and socialness with her where she goes, which today was the 2.0!

Harper is doing so great on the Big Bro!

Macey made it to the Big Bro! She is awesome awesome surfing behind the boat.

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