Week 2 Monday

We have had an amazing first day of camp. We started off the day working on the cable and then rode on the boat where we surfed and wakeboarded. This afternoon we made our way to Spring Loaded and jumped on the trampoline. Here are some updates on your campers!

Cayden hit his first kicker and was super stoked. He also got his nose-press dock start down after working on it all day yesterday.

Davis’ highlight of the day was attempting a 180 of the kicker and he wake skated for the first time.

Sage tried the Big Bro for the first time!

Laurel is just shredding it out there on the cable.

Mena stood up on her first attempt ever wakeboarding!

Joseph tried wakeskating for the first time and was successful! He was able to do 3 full laps!

Braxton tried the wakeskate and threw a huge front side 180.

Anthony did the big cable for the first time! He loved it and got up super easy. Almost did a surface 180!

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