Week 2 – Tuesday

We are having such a fun week! The campers are loving being able to choose their activity and what they want to do behind the boat. We have been able to knee board, surf, and wakeboard two days in a row! Yesterday, we also went to Spring Loaded and jumped on the trampoline for a while so we could work on our tricks.


Laurel, Sage, and Mena had a blast on the paddle boards!

Anthony learned how to do a successful ollie! He also landed his front flip at the trampoline park.

Joseph loved the trampoline park where he did flips and played dodgeball.

Braxton was super close to landing a back roll on the boat! Rode a slider board for the first time and loved it.

Davis landed a 180 off the kicker and cleared the wake on the boat for the second time!

Cayden cleared the wake on the boat and tried to hit the corrugated pipe on the cable. He’s super stoked about learning a pop shuv it on a skateboard

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