Week 2 – Wednesday

We’re halfway through this week of camp, but the fun hasn’t slowed down! The campers are working on perfecting their skills for our weekly Points Chase Competition tomorrow night! Parents are welcome to come and watch! Competition starts at 5:30 with our Grom division and then Boys following. Here are some updates for y’all!

Davis hit a 360 on the white pipe, a surface 360, and is working on his nose press dock start!

Caden hit a raily off dock for the cable and a Pop Shuvit on wakeskate!

Joseph landed a backside 180 off the corrugated pipe.

Anthony learned how to do ollies on the wakeboard and is working on a surface 180 on the Lil Bro.

Braxton kept working on his backroll today on the boat and is getting closer and closer. Hit the long white pipe on his second try and landed it.

Sage and Laurel and consistently riding the Big Bro — Laurel is working on getting around the second tower turn.

Mena is progressing on the 2.0 cable.

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