Week 3 – Tuesday

It’s a hot one out there, but we’re staying cool by jumping in the water all day! Yesterday, we went to Spring Loaded Trampoline Park and jumped around for a bit to stay out of the sun, but we’re back and shredding today! We went on the boat this morning and did a couple surf sessions and wakeboarded! Here are a couple updates!

Kate killing it on boat, shredding like a star!

Riley progressing on turns, soon to hit the big bro!!

Seth did 10 laps around the cable lake yesterday and almost cleared the wake on the boat while getting some big air!

Cayden rolled into the 8 foot ramp on a skateboard yesterday and attempted a 360 behind the boat and hit a board grab rewind!

Jackson wakeskated for the first time yesterday and loved it. He did a full lap on the big bro today wakeboarding!

Jordan hit a 360 off the Pacifico kicker yesterday and learned how to surf behind the boat without holding the rope!

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