Week 6 – Tuesday

What a fun week off to a great start! We love having so many kids at camp this week and having so many fun activities to do. Today, we got a special treat and some campers got to go to Lake Dunlap and do fun stuff behind the boat there like wakeboard and surf. We also rode the cable and went to Spring Loaded! Here are some updates:

Cash got up on Big Bro for the first time and made it to the first corner.

Daniel had a blast trying the Big Bro for the first time.

Juan hit the fun box today and loved wake surfing behind the boat.

Jose board-slided off the Big Bro dock and is constantly trying to improve himself.

Carter had a blast behind the boat and his ollies are getting higher off the wake.

Corey tried the Big Bro today and said it was fun! Still trying to get around the first corner, but he’s not giving up.

Zac had a good time on Lake Dunlap wakeboarding and surfing.

Lleyton had a blast on the lake with the other campers.

Henry wakeskated for the first time, loved playing paintball, and caught a fish within 30 minutes of being here.

Ethan attempted the white pipe and the big box and gave the Tom Fooshee kicker a shot.

Keagan enjoyed munching on snacks and is improving a lot in wakeboarding.

Waylon went fishing with Henry and caught some fish while also improving on the cables.

Cameron improved on the white pipe and enjoyed the whole day and also tried the kicker.

John wakeskated for the first time and paintballed with everyone last night.

Grisha showed everyone how good he is at wakeboarding and loved paintball.

Brock had a lot of fun wakeboarding and loved paintball.

Nyle wake surfed behind the boat and got up first try. Looks to improve surfing tomorrow.

Silas tried and landed the big box and corrogated pipe! He said that it is big progress and was the most fun he’s had!

Ana is having a great time on the cable and beating all the boys at paintball.

Skylar dominated in paintball and loved that so many people wanted to play. He is also getting really good at wakeboarding and practicing more on big bro.

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