Week 6 – Wednesday

Can’t believe that the week is almost over! We are having so much fun wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wakeskating, and so much more! A group of us went to Lake Dunlap this morning to swim and wakeboard while the rest of us stayed back and shredded on the cable. We can’t wait for burgers and smores tonight!

Ana had a blast on the pontoon this morning!

Silas went out and landed the big box and white pipe. He is getting more comfortable riding!

Nyle learned how to slide start and ride to the first set of boxes!

Henry went fishing for a little bit and caught a nice bass. Also did a full lap on a wakeskate today!

Waylon won a game of paintball by getting 4 people out at the same time!

Skylar is working on more features on the big cable!

Keegan is starting to work on features!

Grisha surfed behind the boat and really enjoys wakesurfing!

Brock got the first turn on the big cable!

Cameron began working on the white pipe!

John tore it up in paintball and won a game!

Daniel got across on Lil Bro today and now working on snake turns!

Cash thinks wakeboarding is awesome and tried kneeboarding on the Big Bro and had a blast!

Corey rode the BMX bike today and make it over some Big Bro features!

Juan is doing awesome on the cable, but boat is his favorite and he’s working on jumping the wake!

Carter loves wakeboarding behind the boat!

Jose went on the boat at the river again and had an awesome day today. He’s continuing to work on jumping the wake.

Zac hit the fun box today and is getting better at riding switch!

Lleyton has been practicing wakeskate more and almost did a pop shuv it!

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