Week 9 – Monday Update

What a great first day of camp! The cable opened up only for us last night and we shredded the nicest water. We had a lock-in last night at TSR where we played pool, ping pong, and watched movies! Today, we shredded it on all 3 cables and jumped at Spring Loaded!

Aiden is having a blast at camp and did a full turn around on the 2.0 and a surface 360!

Braeden graduated over to Big Bro and is now working on laps!

Pace had fun on the boat and is working on jumping the wake!

Astin is on the Big Bro now and working on hitting the kicker!

Andrew attempted and almost landed a 360 off the kicker!

Caden is having so much fun and doing laps on the Big Bro!

Grayson is loving camp and being with his brother and making new friends! He is working on getting up at Lil’ Bro!

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