Week 3 – Tuesday

It’s a hot one out there, but we’re staying cool by jumping in the water all day! Yesterday, we went to Spring Loaded Trampoline Park and jumped around for a bit to stay out of the sun, but we’re back and shredding today! We went on the boat this morning and did a couple surf sessions and wakeboarded! Here are a couple updates!

Kate killing it on boat, shredding like a star!

Riley progressing on turns, soon to hit the big bro!!

Seth did 10 laps around the cable lake yesterday and almost cleared the wake on the boat while getting some big air!

Cayden rolled into the 8 foot ramp on a skateboard yesterday and attempted a 360 behind the boat and hit a board grab rewind!

Jackson wakeskated for the first time yesterday and loved it. He did a full lap on the big bro today wakeboarding!

Jordan hit a 360 off the Pacifico kicker yesterday and learned how to surf behind the boat without holding the rope!

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Week 2 – Wednesday

We’re halfway through this week of camp, but the fun hasn’t slowed down! The campers are working on perfecting their skills for our weekly Points Chase Competition tomorrow night! Parents are welcome to come and watch! Competition starts at 5:30 with our Grom division and then Boys following. Here are some updates for y’all!

Davis hit a 360 on the white pipe, a surface 360, and is working on his nose press dock start!

Caden hit a raily off dock for the cable and a Pop Shuvit on wakeskate!

Joseph landed a backside 180 off the corrugated pipe.

Anthony learned how to do ollies on the wakeboard and is working on a surface 180 on the Lil Bro.

Braxton kept working on his backroll today on the boat and is getting closer and closer. Hit the long white pipe on his second try and landed it.

Sage and Laurel and consistently riding the Big Bro — Laurel is working on getting around the second tower turn.

Mena is progressing on the 2.0 cable.

Week 2 – Tuesday

We are having such a fun week! The campers are loving being able to choose their activity and what they want to do behind the boat. We have been able to knee board, surf, and wakeboard two days in a row! Yesterday, we also went to Spring Loaded and jumped on the trampoline for a while so we could work on our tricks.


Laurel, Sage, and Mena had a blast on the paddle boards!

Anthony learned how to do a successful ollie! He also landed his front flip at the trampoline park.

Joseph loved the trampoline park where he did flips and played dodgeball.

Braxton was super close to landing a back roll on the boat! Rode a slider board for the first time and loved it.

Davis landed a 180 off the kicker and cleared the wake on the boat for the second time!

Cayden cleared the wake on the boat and tried to hit the corrugated pipe on the cable. He’s super stoked about learning a pop shuv it on a skateboard

Week 2 Monday

We have had an amazing first day of camp. We started off the day working on the cable and then rode on the boat where we surfed and wakeboarded. This afternoon we made our way to Spring Loaded and jumped on the trampoline. Here are some updates on your campers!

Cayden hit his first kicker and was super stoked. He also got his nose-press dock start down after working on it all day yesterday.

Davis’ highlight of the day was attempting a 180 of the kicker and he wake skated for the first time.

Sage tried the Big Bro for the first time!

Laurel is just shredding it out there on the cable.

Mena stood up on her first attempt ever wakeboarding!

Joseph tried wakeskating for the first time and was successful! He was able to do 3 full laps!

Braxton tried the wakeskate and threw a huge front side 180.

Anthony did the big cable for the first time! He loved it and got up super easy. Almost did a surface 180!

Week 1- Thursday

What a beautiful day to play outside! The weather this week has been so amazing and definitely lifts the spirits after Sunday’s down pour. The kids had a water balloon toss competition last night and were bombarded with a surprise water balloon fight afterwards! We also bonded around the campfire and ate s’mores. Every camper is growing stronger everyday as they enhance their wakeboarding skills on the boat and the cable. Tonight is the weekly Points Chase competition and we have Keithen, Demetre, James, Maddy, Brooke, Elise, Connor, and Cameron competing! We can’t wait to cheer them on.


Maddy is doing AWESOME on the Big Bro and has been such a wonderful support for the younger campers this week.

Elise has been perfecting her wake skating on the Big Bro as well has working up to hitting the features on the Big Bro!

Brooke is absolutely crushing it on the Big Bro!

Ellie is just having a blast at camp and progressing on cable more and more each day!

Cathryne got up on the 2.0!

Langston brings her energy and socialness with her where she goes, which today was the 2.0!

Harper is doing so great on the Big Bro!

Macey made it to the Big Bro! She is awesome awesome surfing behind the boat.

Week 1 – Wednesday

IMG_2930.JPGWhat great first week of camp for the summer! This week has the full spectrum of abilities which makes camp so fun. The counselors and staff LOVE watching each camper grow more and more each day!

Findley got up on the wake skate on the Lil Bro and did full laps on the scooter around the Big Bro.

Connor is really pumped about being able to hit the Big Bro all day and improve each time.

Keithen got a super fresh pair of Oakleys from the board shop! He also hit his first ramp at the skate park.

Jayden was stoked about the Tom Foshee kicker.

Kyle’s favorite thing was going to the skate park and hitting the 8 foot ramps.

Brayden was super happy to hit a 180 off the kicker.

Demetre was happy to hit the Pacific kicker and do a 180 board grab!

Camp is in full swing!!!

We have officially hit the halfway maIMG_3253rk for camp this summer!! So far, we have had a
wonderful group of campers
come through and take over TSR! With plenty of water and boarding time (and a ton of laughs), they have really made this summer special. A lot of memories have been made and while we will miss our previous campers, we are so STOKED to see what the second half of camp has in store. Session 6-9 has registration availability for overnight, full day, and half day!!! So grab somIMG_0677e friends, and sign up today!

Also, don’t forget to stay updated and check out the photos and videos from previous weeks!!

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Camp TSR 2016 has begun!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!!!!DSC00093

The Camp TSR 2016 season has officially begun, and it is off to a GREAT start! The storms quit just in time for camp, and the sun has continued to shine. Campers have had full week already, and it is only Day 2! With plenty of water and wakeboard time throughout the days, we have sprinkled in some snowboarding, skating, sledding, and surfing. Yesterday afternoon, we held a DSC00098camp-wide dodgeball tournament over at Spring Loaded with some jump time left to spare! TSR also had a very special guest come to visit yesterday, and the campers were thrilled! Pro wakeboarder, Parks Bonifay, hung out with the kiddos and chatted with them about riding. We are excited for the rest of the week, and we will keep you posted about their busy schedules!!

Parents of Overnight Campers,

Here are some specific updates for each of the campers:

Miram’s Group

  1. Clara has been taking on the big cable, and she hit the funbox and the incline rail today! She has also been loving the surf sessions behind the boat and loved catching some rays!
  2. Augie was very excited to try surfing today. He had never surfed behind the boat before, and he finally tried it and loved it!
  3. Jayden was a beginner wakeboarder coming into Camp TSR this week, and he has improved so much! Not only did he master the little cable, he has moved on to the big cable and made it all the way around!
  4. Eva is also new to the sport, and she has also mastered the little cable and has successfully made it halfway around the big cable! We are so stoked for her!!
  5. Storm, another beginner rider, has been taking on the cable and has learned to turn and carve while riding!

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That’s a Wrap!

IMG_8282Wow!! This summer has gone by way too quickly, and we could not be more thankful for having your children join us for Camp TSR 2015! We had an AMAZING group of kids and teens each session, and we are so sad to see this summer come to a close. The Camp TSR staff would like to thank the campers for making this season a time to remember and cherish, and we would also like to thank the family of each camper for giving us the privilege to spend our summer with your children. All of the photos and videos have been uploaded for each session, so please feel free to check those out and see how your child spent their time with us!

IMG_8154Even though we are sad to see summer 2015 wrap up, we are reminded of the fact that Camp TSR 2016 is less than a year away! Our youth program has been growing every season, and next year, we plan to have some awesome additions to camp. Invite some friends to join you and don’t miss out on our next exciting summer. We would be so honored to have all of you back, so mark your calendar and begin counting down the days! We know we will be!!

Have a safe rest of your summer, and we cannot wait to see you next year!!

Love, Your Camp TSR Staff