Camp is in full swing!!!

We have officially hit the halfway maIMG_3253rk for camp this summer!! So far, we have had a
wonderful group of campers
come through and take over TSR! With plenty of water and boarding time (and a ton of laughs), they have really made this summer special. A lot of memories have been made and while we will miss our previous campers, we are so STOKED to see what the second half of camp has in store. Session 6-9 has registration availability for overnight, full day, and half day!!! So grab somIMG_0677e friends, and sign up today!

Also, don’t forget to stay updated and check out the photos and videos from previous weeks!!

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Camp TSR 2016 has begun!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!!!!DSC00093

The Camp TSR 2016 season has officially begun, and it is off to a GREAT start! The storms quit just in time for camp, and the sun has continued to shine. Campers have had full week already, and it is only Day 2! With plenty of water and wakeboard time throughout the days, we have sprinkled in some snowboarding, skating, sledding, and surfing. Yesterday afternoon, we held a DSC00098camp-wide dodgeball tournament over at Spring Loaded with some jump time left to spare! TSR also had a very special guest come to visit yesterday, and the campers were thrilled! Pro wakeboarder, Parks Bonifay, hung out with the kiddos and chatted with them about riding. We are excited for the rest of the week, and we will keep you posted about their busy schedules!!

Parents of Overnight Campers,

Here are some specific updates for each of the campers:

Miram’s Group

  1. Clara has been taking on the big cable, and she hit the funbox and the incline rail today! She has also been loving the surf sessions behind the boat and loved catching some rays!
  2. Augie was very excited to try surfing today. He had never surfed behind the boat before, and he finally tried it and loved it!
  3. Jayden was a beginner wakeboarder coming into Camp TSR this week, and he has improved so much! Not only did he master the little cable, he has moved on to the big cable and made it all the way around!
  4. Eva is also new to the sport, and she has also mastered the little cable and has successfully made it halfway around the big cable! We are so stoked for her!!
  5. Storm, another beginner rider, has been taking on the cable and has learned to turn and carve while riding!

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That’s a Wrap!

IMG_8282Wow!! This summer has gone by way too quickly, and we could not be more thankful for having your children join us for Camp TSR 2015! We had an AMAZING group of kids and teens each session, and we are so sad to see this summer come to a close. The Camp TSR staff would like to thank the campers for making this season a time to remember and cherish, and we would also like to thank the family of each camper for giving us the privilege to spend our summer with your children. All of the photos and videos have been uploaded for each session, so please feel free to check those out and see how your child spent their time with us!

IMG_8154Even though we are sad to see summer 2015 wrap up, we are reminded of the fact that Camp TSR 2016 is less than a year away! Our youth program has been growing every season, and next year, we plan to have some awesome additions to camp. Invite some friends to join you and don’t miss out on our next exciting summer. We would be so honored to have all of you back, so mark your calendar and begin counting down the days! We know we will be!!

Have a safe rest of your summer, and we cannot wait to see you next year!!

Love, Your Camp TSR Staff

2015 Session Eight

Hey Parents!!IMG_7636

We are halfway through Session Eight, and we have had a full week so far! During our day sessions, we have been spending a lot of time wakeboarding (on the cable and behind the boat), snowboarding, tubing, and skateboarding. During our evening sessions, we have organized a variety of activities to keep the fun going!


Last night, we had Camper Olympics. Campers separated into groups and competed in a variety of challenges to earn points for their teams. Games and challenges included ping pong, pool, gaga ball, paintball, foosball, and more!

Tonight, we are planning to compete in a Camp Dodgeball Tournament at Spring Loaded and eat some delicious dinner at Wahoo’s!

Tomorrow is our last full day of session eight, and we are SO excited for our night ride and beachparty. Campers will be able to wakeboard until TSR closes while enjoying s’mores and a campfire in between sets.

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2015 Session Seven

Hey Mom and Dad!!IMG_7020

Session seven at Camp TSR has been full of beautiful weather, wakeboarding, and delicious food! We have had sunny skies and hot temperatures all week, so we have taken advantage of a lot of wakeboarding, wake-skating, wake-surfing, and many swim breaks to cool off from the heat. Tonight, TSR is hosting their weekly Points Chase Showdown where our campers will be able to watch a variety of riders compete in a wakeboarding and wake-skating competition. From beginners to professional riders, the Points Chase competition has something fun to offer for everyone.

After Points Chase, campers will be able to night ride on our cable system with a beach bonfire and some tasty s’mores.We are sad to see our campers leave after such a fun week, but we are excited to share our wonderful camp memories with you tomorrow!

IMG_4033.JPGTomorrow, campers will have the opportunity to show you what they have been learning all week before camp checkout! At 12:30, we will begin our parent demo on our main cable and our lil bro cable systems. After the parent demo, we will show our camp video, give awards, and take pictures with our counselors. Campers are excited to show you everything they have learned! See you all tomorrow!!

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Session Five Recap

IMG_7894These last few weeks have been flying by at Camp TSR! We are enjoying our final sessions of camp, but we are certainly missing our campers from earlier this summer. Last week was such a fun group full of laughs, s’mores, and, of course, our water time! We are so proud of our FOUR session five campers that chose to compete in Points Chase last Thursday! It takes a lot of courage to get out there and share the water with other awesome riders, but our competitors represented Camp TSR well and had a lot of fun during the experience. We celebrated their participation with an evening beach party and night ride. Among all of the excitement from last week, we had a pro rider, Bob Soven, here signing autographs and taking pictures with us! He visited with the campers and made Session Five memorable for all of us!


We hope you all have a wonderful rest of the summer and hope to see you next year!

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2015 Session Four

With summer halfway over and July really bringing the heat, our session four campers have cooled off Camp TSR style:

They have spent their afternoons on our cable and IMG_3756boat lakes with plenty of wakeboarding time to beat the heat and improve. We had a little bit of rain after lunch yesterday, but we didn’t let the weather bring us down! We spent that time at Spring Loaded and a few of us skateboarded inside until the weather cleared back up. Once we were in the clear, we ventured back outside to continue our camp activities. Last night, we had a relaxing evening around our campfire while we played games and hung out.

After our sessions today, we are planning a camp beach party! IMG_7838-1We have s’mores, music, and wakeboarding during night ride lined up for our evening activities. It is going to be a great way to close our last night at camp and prepare for the holiday weekend!

We are sad to see the week come to a close, but we are packing in as much fun as we can until checkout! We are excited to show you how we have improved during our parent show off!

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2015 Session 3

photo 5 (1)

Hey mom and dad,

So far, this has been an amazing week at Camp TSR! We have had sunny weather and have spent a lot of time wakeboarding on the cable and behind the boat. We also took a trip to the snowhill and played paintball on our private course. We were also granted the unique opportunity to meet a pro rider! Scott Byerly joined us during our boat session this week and gave us pieces of advice for our riding techniques.

Everyone has been learning and improving each day, and we cannot wait to show you what we have learned on Friday! Right now, we are enjoying some more sunshine and looking forward to our evening campfire. It has been such a great week, and we cannot wait to share our memories with you!

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photo 3 (1)photo 4 (1)

2015 Session 2

Hi Mom and Dad,

IMG_2221What a week we’re having so far! Snowboarding sessions went great and we’re packing in watersessions like crazy to get in an much TOW (time on water) as we can in case it rains. We’ve had a few sprinkles, and a quik gusher during lunch, but so far we have not missed a single session. Keep your fingers crossed! We’re saving Trampoline and Some skate time for tomorrow just in case, they say we can skate in the lobby at TSR if we have to… no kidding!!

Everybody is up and riding, and progressing nicely, so we are definate off to a good start. Sorry to say, no one wants to go home yet! Follow Texas Ski Ranch and CampTSR on Instagram, and TSR Texas Ski Ranch on Facebook, you may see us there too. We’re rocking this place!!




We’re back… Camp TSR 2015!!!

Camp TSR got off to a rousing start this week with IMG_1530the usual wakeboarding on all the cables, wakesurfing and skating, paintball, skateboard limbo, snow hill tubing and boarding, dodgeball, Taco Tuesday, and a visit from a bonafide celebrity. Get it? Bonafide? Parks Bonifay was in the house Monday and Tuesday, chillin like he was one of us. Cause, bro, he is!