Week 10 – Wednesday

Hump day, Jump day! So many campers are advancing their skill levels so quickly! We love seeing their smile after landing off the kicker for the first time. The rain hasn’t slowed us down either!

Sebastian went surfing behind the boat and loved it! Can’t wait to practice more!

Brayden tore it up at paintball and got 5 people out!

Connor S. hit and landed the fun box 3 times in a row!

Seth sent it off the white pipe!

Cayden D. loved wakeboarding behind the boat!

Aiden A. went wake to wake behind the boat!

Ryder shredded Little Bro and got all the way across!

Kaden V. won paintball every single time!

Alex tried a 360 off the mini kicker and it was awesome!

Wyatt had a great time behind boat and is having a blast at camp!

Kaden L. had fun wakeboarding and is getting better at Big Bro!

Dalton got up on the Big Bro and made a lap around!

Andrew has been practicing Big Bro more and more and made it to the 4th corner!

Milo had a good time on the boat and tried jumping the wake!

Grant landed the White Pipe and it was awesome!

Jack hit the fun box and is having a great time at camp!

JJ is having a great time in camp is practicing his turns!

William is having so much fun at camp and is practicing his turns!

Brooke is shredding behind boat and killing the features on the cable lake!

Nina made it on Big Bro and is also making lots of friends!

Kamryn is having fun on the boat with all her friends and tearing it up!

Mia landed the white pipe on the cable lake!

Week 10 – Tuesday

What a crazy awesome week its been so far! The sun has come out and we are ready to be outside! We had a super fun boat session out at Lake Dunlap this morning and went to the snowhill!

Sebastian learned how to skateboard and surface 180s on the wakeboard!

Aiden A. loved paintballing in the mud and rain last night!

Brayden likes wakeboarding on the Big Bro and is practicing his 180s on the Little Bro!

Connor S. got out there and shredded on the Big Cable and is looking forward to hitting the features soon!

Connor D. loves kneeboarding but really loves wakeboarding and is excited to keep learning!

Seth hit the Big Box and landed it very clean!

Cayden D. loved watching everyone play paintball and is having fun with his brother!

Ryder is getting all the way across on the Little Bro!

Kaden V. loved paintaballing last night!

Alex was so excited when he got to play paintball last night!

Wyatt had a blast at Spring Loaded and playing dodgeball!

Kaden L. got to BMX on the pump track and practiced his airs!

Dalton loved wakeboarding and can edge really far now!

Andrew loved playing paintball and capture the president!

Milo loved playing paintball since it has been so long for him!

Grant loved playing paintball and got 4 people out!

Jack loved being able to kneeboard yesterday!

William loved going on the field trip to the movies yesterday to go see the Emoji Movie!

JJ loved playing target practice at paintball!

Kamryn had a blast riding behind the boat and rode the longest in her group!

Brooke is killing it on the Big Bro and is working on a 360 off the kicker!

Nina crushed it out on the boat and is working toward going to the Big Bro!

Mia is taking up wakeboarding super fast and is already hitting features like a pro!

Week 10 – Monday

A little rain can’t stop us from having fun! Spring Loaded opened this morning for VIP access just for us and we jumped all morning! After lunch we took an awesome field trip to the movies and saw the new Emoji Movie! The skies are all clear now and the lake is being shredded!

Brayden went out and shredded two laps on the cable!

Ryder is shredding on the wakeboard!

Kaden V. is stoked to be able to ride all the time!

Aiden A. went out and hit the features and practiced the mini kicker!

Caden D. loves the knee board but especially the wakeboard!

Connor D. loves playing all the fun games!

Seth hit the mini kicker and had a clean land!

Sebastian went to the big cable and got around the first corner!

Kamryn loves playing games with new people and did a 360 on the spooner board!

Nina loves wakeboarding and learned how to slide start!

Mia went on the big bro for the first time and hit the fun box!

Milo had a blast on Big Bro working his switch foot!

Alex did Big Bro and is doing laps and making lots of friends!

Caden L. loved hitting the fun box and almost landing it!

Andrew is having so much fun and practicing wakeboarding one handed!

Grant landed the fun box and the mini kicker!

William kneeboarded the Big Bro and made it to the first corner!

Jack beat his high score and did 18 laps on the Big Bro!

JJ had an awesome time wakeboarding and made it all the way around!

Week 9 – Wednesday

What a great week so far! We’ve been able to wakeboard until 9:00pm every night and have been loving every minute of it. There hasn’t been any rain on our parade just yet! We are excited about the campfire and smores tonight after we go paintballing!

Astin did a 270 blind off the Lil Bro bench!

Braeden has been jump starting on the Lil Bro dock!

Pace got all the way around Big Bro and was super stoked!

Aiden has been having fun riding the wake skate!

Caden is riding the wake skate and working on his carves!

Grayson has been trying wakeboarding, knee boarding, and bmx!

Andrew got his 360 off the kicker and trying new jump starts!

Week 9 – Monday Update

What a great first day of camp! The cable opened up only for us last night and we shredded the nicest water. We had a lock-in last night at TSR where we played pool, ping pong, and watched movies! Today, we shredded it on all 3 cables and jumped at Spring Loaded!

Aiden is having a blast at camp and did a full turn around on the 2.0 and a surface 360!

Braeden graduated over to Big Bro and is now working on laps!

Pace had fun on the boat and is working on jumping the wake!

Astin is on the Big Bro now and working on hitting the kicker!

Andrew attempted and almost landed a 360 off the kicker!

Caden is having so much fun and doing laps on the Big Bro!

Grayson is loving camp and being with his brother and making new friends! He is working on getting up at Lil’ Bro!

Week 8 – Wednesday

HUMP DAY! Or as we just call another great day at Camp TSR! More wakeboarding and skateboarding and swimming is being done as we speak with campers just having tons of fun.

Tyler did the Big Bro today and made it to the 4th turn!

Bryce tried the wake skate and got up and down the 2.0!

Davis is attempting a 360 off the kicker and almost landed it!

Cole landed the Big Kicker and is trying wakeskating!

Kylee and Kayleigh are just little fish in the water loving swimming, paddle boarding, and riding the 2.0!

Ana is having tons of fun hanging out with Danie!

Week 8 – Tuesday

It sure is a hot one this week, but thank goodness wakeboarding is in the water! We are having so much fun this week and are keeping busy!

Ana landed the mini kicker and the TSR kicker! Working on the corrugated pipe next.

Kylee landed her back handspring at Spring Loaded and took laps on the Big Bro without her fins!

Kayleigh had a blast at Spring Loaded and is learning an Ollie 180 on Lil Bro!

Davis did a 360 on the white pipe and having a blast!

Cole landed the mini kicker today and is working on Fun Box now!

Bryce pulled off a Front Side 180 and rode swtich!

Tyler is the first camper all summer to pull off a Figure 8 on the 2.0!


Week 6 – Wednesday

Can’t believe that the week is almost over! We are having so much fun wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wakeskating, and so much more! A group of us went to Lake Dunlap this morning to swim and wakeboard while the rest of us stayed back and shredded on the cable. We can’t wait for burgers and smores tonight!

Ana had a blast on the pontoon this morning!

Silas went out and landed the big box and white pipe. He is getting more comfortable riding!

Nyle learned how to slide start and ride to the first set of boxes!

Henry went fishing for a little bit and caught a nice bass. Also did a full lap on a wakeskate today!

Waylon won a game of paintball by getting 4 people out at the same time!

Skylar is working on more features on the big cable!

Keegan is starting to work on features!

Grisha surfed behind the boat and really enjoys wakesurfing!

Brock got the first turn on the big cable!

Cameron began working on the white pipe!

John tore it up in paintball and won a game!

Daniel got across on Lil Bro today and now working on snake turns!

Cash thinks wakeboarding is awesome and tried kneeboarding on the Big Bro and had a blast!

Corey rode the BMX bike today and make it over some Big Bro features!

Juan is doing awesome on the cable, but boat is his favorite and he’s working on jumping the wake!

Carter loves wakeboarding behind the boat!

Jose went on the boat at the river again and had an awesome day today. He’s continuing to work on jumping the wake.

Zac hit the fun box today and is getting better at riding switch!

Lleyton has been practicing wakeskate more and almost did a pop shuv it!

Week 6 – Tuesday

What a fun week off to a great start! We love having so many kids at camp this week and having so many fun activities to do. Today, we got a special treat and some campers got to go to Lake Dunlap and do fun stuff behind the boat there like wakeboard and surf. We also rode the cable and went to Spring Loaded! Here are some updates:

Cash got up on Big Bro for the first time and made it to the first corner.

Daniel had a blast trying the Big Bro for the first time.

Juan hit the fun box today and loved wake surfing behind the boat.

Jose board-slided off the Big Bro dock and is constantly trying to improve himself.

Carter had a blast behind the boat and his ollies are getting higher off the wake.

Corey tried the Big Bro today and said it was fun! Still trying to get around the first corner, but he’s not giving up.

Zac had a good time on Lake Dunlap wakeboarding and surfing.

Lleyton had a blast on the lake with the other campers.

Henry wakeskated for the first time, loved playing paintball, and caught a fish within 30 minutes of being here.

Ethan attempted the white pipe and the big box and gave the Tom Fooshee kicker a shot.

Keagan enjoyed munching on snacks and is improving a lot in wakeboarding.

Waylon went fishing with Henry and caught some fish while also improving on the cables.

Cameron improved on the white pipe and enjoyed the whole day and also tried the kicker.

John wakeskated for the first time and paintballed with everyone last night.

Grisha showed everyone how good he is at wakeboarding and loved paintball.

Brock had a lot of fun wakeboarding and loved paintball.

Nyle wake surfed behind the boat and got up first try. Looks to improve surfing tomorrow.

Silas tried and landed the big box and corrogated pipe! He said that it is big progress and was the most fun he’s had!

Ana is having a great time on the cable and beating all the boys at paintball.

Skylar dominated in paintball and loved that so many people wanted to play. He is also getting really good at wakeboarding and practicing more on big bro.

Week 4 – Wednesday

The rain can’t get us down! We’ve been able to go to Spring Loaded when its raining and Wakeboard on the cable and boat still. The rain has brought cooler weather and cloudy skies that still allow us to be outside and that makes us happy!

Hayden is getting more and more familiar on the boat and having a blast being in the water and swimming all day!

Scott jumped the wake on the boat and did a bench jump on the Lil Bro! He’s excited to wake surf tomorrow.

Dalton had a blast playing dodgeball today and was able to stay up on the boat while going around turns!

Alex is trying the Big Bro today and he went over the wake on the boat!