Camp TSR Leaders

Overnight Camp Director: Eric

Overnight Camp DirectorHometown: Lavon, Texas

Eric started his journey at TSR eight years ago while studying radio, television and broadcasting at Texas State University. An avid skateboarder, Eric is now retired from the Navy and back at Texas State, studying Recreation Management.  He has been running youth programs at TSR for over two years and is excited for a third Summer as the Camp Director at Camp TSR!

When asked “Why Camp”? Eric responded with “I love empowering kids, watching them learn how to do things they never thought they could do, and I love the whole camp environment”.

When asked “what’s special about you?” Eric responded “I’m tall.”  We promise you, Eric is one of a kind, he’s here for a reason and your kids are going to love him as much as we do.

Eric is a US Navy Veteran, he loves to surf, he lived overseas, is a terrible dance, loves the color turquoise, his best friend is Murphy, he can play the ukulele, and he had to mention it again… he can’t dance. 🙂

Assistant Camp Director: Murphy

Murphy is Eric’s service dog.  A black border collie, Murphy is always in a good mood and loves kids.  When asked “What’s special about your?” Murphy responded with “I’m Vigilant and always on watch.”  He’s also lots of fun to play with and loves to cuddle!



Day Camp Director: Abby

Hometown: Klein, Texas

Recently graduated from Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) majoring in Sports Management and minoring in Business and Economics, Abby is extremely excited to start her adult life working for TSR. Though this is her first summer working at Camp TSR, she is bringing her camp knowledge and energy from Pine Cove Christian Camps where she worked all last summer as a photographer and videographer.

Abby was a member of the Texas A&M Wakeboard team for 3 years and has played competitive volleyball for 6 years. She loves taking pictures of beautiful Texas and videos of her friends and family.


Camp Mom: Mrs. B.

Camp MomChristine Bialick aka “Mrs. B” is Camp TSR’s infamous Camp Mom! This will be her 12th summer overseeing Camp TSR, and she can hardly wait for it all to get started!

Christine’s favorite thing about Camp TSR is all the Campers, and her favorite activity at TSR is hanging out, meeting people, and getting hugs from all of her TSR family.

Fun Facts:

  • She LOVES puzzles and could play Sudoku for hours!
  • She hates wearing shoes.
  • Her favorite animal is her Pomeranian Teddie (short for Theodor Roosevelt); she also really loves birds!
  • She likes to read, cook, play on the computer, write, draw, sing (badly), take pictures & arts and crafts!
  • She has 3 awesome kids: Catie, Max, and Anna
  • Her heroes include: Dr. Suess (for not talking down to kids and believing in their dreams); Ghandi (for not being afraid to care for those in need “Be the change you wish to see in the world”); Her Gandmother Marlys (for teaching her to find beauty in art, dance, cooking, flowers, music and children); Her Mother-in-law Hannah (for teaching me how to show love); Her daughter Catie (for her relentless optimism and fearlessness).

Mrs. B’s advice for life:

  1. Wear your helmet, you can skate in my house if you are wearing a helmet
  2. Wear your sunscreen; sunscreen is your friend
  3. Be kind to smaller kids, even if the smaller kid is your brother
  4. No cussing in front of ladies or little kids
  5. No bullying. It’s mean and it hurts
  6. Be nice to your mom and dad; they love you!
  7. It’s cool to be polite.
  8. We all have something to be grateful for, be sure to tell God thank you every day.
  9. You can never have too many friends.
  10. Stay away from drugs, and those who use them.
  11. Read a book!!

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