Coaches/Camp Staff


Skate Coach: Elmer Moreno

Hometown: Dallas, Texas 

School: Texas State- Pre Physical Therapy 

Hobbies: Wakeboarding/Skateboarding

Favorite thing about TSR: open 365 days a year for wakeboarding!

Fun Fact(s): I Started wakeboarding a year ago and absolutely love it!

Why is Camp to important to me: For the great experience of working with kids and getting to teacher them new skills. 


Wakeboard Coach: Carter Hubeli

Hometown: League City, Texas

School: Texas State- Finance

Hobbies: Wakeboarding, golfing, and basketball.

Favorite things about TSR: Laid back and helpful atmosphere.

Fun Fact(s): I have two dogs, and I eat wings at least once a week.


Paddle board/Snowboard Coach: Austin Keag

Hometown: Aledo, Texas

School: Texas State University- Therapeutic Recreation

Hobbies: longboarding, snowboarding, fishing, and wakebaording

Favorite thing about TSR: The friendly atmosphere and getting to coach kids.

Fun Fact(s): I have a pet dog that looks more like a fox then a dog. I like Jeeps!

Why is camp important to me: Making sure kids are enjoying their summer while being active is important to be. Recreation is a great teacher!


Skate Coach: Brandon Baker






Hometown: Corpus Chirsit, Texas

School: I want to become a police officer!

Hobbies: SKATEBOARDING, paintball, wakeboarding

Favorite thing about TSR: Paintball and wakeboarding.

Fun Fact(s): I started skating at 6 years old, I compete in skateboard competitions regularly, I have 5 dogs, I love chicken Alfredo.

I am sponsored by: Monster Energy, Gopro, Motivation Skateboards, and Matix Clothing.

Why is Camp important to me: I absolutely love coaching and showing new people how to skate. I want kids to come to camp and have the best summer ever!


Chase Hess 

Hometown: Palmer, Texas

School: Culinary Arts

Hobbies: I love cooking!

Favorite thing about TSR: The community and how it feels like a family!

Fun Fact(s): I have four names

Why is camp important to you: Being able to work with the youth and give them a great active summer outdoors.


Jacob Bell

Hometown: Belton, Texas

School: Texas State University- Business Management (Human Resources)

Hobbies: Soccer, Skiing, Hanging with friends, Building benches.

Favorite thing about TSR: The awesome cable park and great co- workers.

Fun Fact(s): I play guitar and sing a bit of country tunes.

Why is Camp important to me: TSR is important to me because its a great environment to work in that is  both fun and productive. I love being able to work outside!


 EJ Easterly

Hometown: New Braunfels, Texas

School: High school/Home school

Hobbies: Going to the river, hanging with friends, and football.

Favorite thing about TSR: Feeling of family at workplace.

Fun Facts(s): Currently have 5 kittens that are super cute.

Why is Camp important to me: Its a great experience for the kids.


Tyler Smith

Hometown: Orange, Texas

School: Trevecca Nazalene University- Commercial songwriting/guitar

Hobbies: Guitar, singing, skating, and eating

Favorite thing about TSR: It gives me a chance to be outside even more during the summer.

Fun Fact(S): I’m an amazing cook, I love all types of music, my favorite color is blue. 

Why is camp important to you: Its give me an opportunity to work with people in a cool environment, and create a positive environment for people. And a fun to place to learn and teach new skills. 




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