Camp TSR Counselors

Overnight Counselors 

Luis Garza

Hometown: Sanderson, Texas

School: Texas State University- Therapeutic Recreation

Hobbies: Reading, Chilling in my hammock

Favorite thing about TSR: All of the different activities there are to do 

Fun Fact(s):  Favorite color is red

Why is it important to me: Its an opportunity to provide fun life experiences to kids


Karlee Roland

Hometown: Sachse, Texas

School: Texas state University- Elementary Education

Hobbies: Tumbling, Working out, Hanging with friends, Shopping, Wakebaording

Favorite thing about TSR: Working with the kids everyday and the energetic environment. 

Fun Facts: I love Mexican food! I have 2 dogs. My favorite TV show is Friends

Why is Camp important to me: Its a great way for kids to really get to be kids and get lot of physical activity out of having fun. 


Bryson Roper

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas

School: West Texas A&M

Hobbies: Playing Xbox and wakeboarding!

Favorite thing about TSR: Getting to wakeboard. 

Fun Fact(s): What does baby corn say to mama corn? Where’s popcorn? 

What is camp important to me: Because everyone has a fun time here no matter what. 


Adventure Camp Counselors 

Lesly Garza 

Hometown: Houston, Texas

School: Texas State University- Criminal Justice Major, Sociology Minor

Hobbies: Running, and Dancing, and wakeboarding 

Favorite thing about TSR: I love the energy and how relaxing it is, and that there is always something fun to do. 

Fun Fact(s) about me: I got bitten by a hedgehog once. (It was not cool!) Every pair of pants I own is American Eagle brand. I once napped for 7 hours. 

Why is Camp so important to me: It’s important to me because I get the opportunity to influence children in a positive way. 


Sarah White

Hometown: Los Fresnos, Texas

School: Texas State University- Recreation Administration

Hobbies: Anything involving the outdoors! Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, being in the ocean, Surfing, working out, and spoiling my puppies.

Fun Fact(s): I have 2 dabble dachshunds and they’re the cutest things in the world!

Why is Camp so important to me: Playing outdoors has been proven to improve an individuals overall quality of life! I also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to go out and try new things all while meeting and making new friends. These programs allow kids to develop their leadership skills and build character.


Angela Banfield

Hometown: Richmond, Texas

School: Texas State University- Criminal Justice Major

Hobbies: Wakeboarding, Hiking, Working out, Shopping and hanging out with friends

Favorite thing about TSR: The kids! Wonderful work environment.

Fun Fact(s): My favorite meal is steak, salad, and a baked potato. I have a puppy named Whisky. I can binge watch for days. 

Why is Camp so important to me: I always had a great time at summer camp as a kid and I want to make sure other kids have the same awesome experiences I did.  


Kelsey Herrick 

Hometown: Flowermound, Texas 

School: Texas State University, Childhood developments 

Hobbies: I love photography and doing crafts!

Favorite thing about TSR: All the friendly people (:

Fun Fact(s): I love to sing, and I love all kinds of animals

Why is Camp so important to you: I want to build relationships and make camp fun for kids!   



Zoe Kachantones

Hometown: Sugarland, Texas

School: Texas State University-  Fashion Merchandising Major 

Hobbies: Shopping, Hanging out with friends, Wakeboarding, Watching movies, Dancing

Favorite thing about TSR: It feels like one big family here. Its such a fun and healthy environment being outside all the time. 

Fun Fact(s): I’m currently on the Texas State wakeboarding team. I have a 26 year old sister and a 3 and 5 year old half brothers. 

Why is Camp so important to me? Its a healthy and fun camp for children to enjoy various outdoor activities. I enjoy getting to know the kids and becoming a mentor for them to look up to.


Stephanie Carsten

Hometown: I have lots my dad was in the Military, but I’ll say Corpus Christi, Texas

School: Texas State University- Biology Major

Hobbies: Hiking, going to the beach, going to concerts, Wakeboarding, and laying in my hammock

Favorite thing about TSR: Working with all the kids, basically being at the beach while I’m at work, and watching the wakebaorders do cool tricks.

Fun Fact(s): I love to explore different beaches in the world. I make my own antibiotic. I have lived on every coast of the United State including Hawaii. My favorite animal is a dolphin.

Why is camp so important to me: Getting kids to be active outdoors.


Lexi Cherry

Hometown: Rockwall, Texas

School: Texas State University- Recreational Therapy

Hobbies: Gymnastics, Photography, Reading

Favorite thing about TSR: There is always something exciting to do and amazing people to hang out with!

Fun Fact(s) about me: I’ve had 9 cats in my house at onetime, and I’ve been to 9 different countries. I did competitive gymnastics for 14 years.

Why is Camp so important to me: I grew up doing sports; it shaped me into the person I am today. Having those experiences with my A?, coaches, and other mentors was more valuable to me than anything else as a kid.


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