Camp TSR Counselors

Danie Lima  18194146_809455075868726_5143264457205207867_n

Hometown: Barry, Texas

School: Texas State University

Hobbies: Alpha Omega, SUP, Kayaking, Working out, and Eating!

Favorite thing about TSR: The skate park! But I love helping kids experience new and adventurous activities!

Fun Facts about Danie!

  • My favorite animal is an Exotic Monkey.
  • I grew up going to youth programs, as well as my parents ran a camp!
  • I am currently learning to wakeboard.
  • I have jumped off of a cliff in Greece!
  • The coolest place I have traveled so far has been Budapest!



Michael Culler

Hometown: Austin, Texas

School: Texas State University

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Drawing

Favorite thing about TSR: The skate park and cable lake



Fun Facts about Michael!

  • I built a wall of trash for a Final in college.
  • I want to learn how to wake skate this summer!
  • I’ve been zip-lining in the jungles of Mexico
  • I constructed my own concrete skate ramp 


Ben Goldstien


Hometown: Houston, Texas

School: Austin Community College

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Cooking, Frisbee

Favorite thing about TSR: My Co-workers!

Fun Facts about Ben!

  • Can do magic tricks
  • Left handed
  • I love my cat!
  • Can walk on my hands
  • Love to freestyle battle with my friends

4 thoughts on “Camp TSR Counselors

  1. Hello. I am sorry to be the hysterical mom, but it is the first time my two sons attend an overnight camp. I just want to know that they are doing fine since my oldest, Eduardo cried a little so I am checking on him. Could you please tell them that they have an open credit to the sore, because my husband and I forgot to tell them. My sons are Eduardo and Patricio Vazquez. Thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble. Cheers, Maria Fernanda

    • Hi Maria,

      I will talk to Dan (the director) and send you an update asap and will let your kiddos know they have accounts! Please don’t be afraid to ask if you have any other questions.

      All the best,

  2. Hi Maria,

    Eduardo and Patricio are doing great! They played ‘Pass the Trash’ last night, like kick ball, and had a blast. They are now outside tearing up the cable! So no worries, all is well. Sometimes it is hard saying bye to mom and dad, but once parents are gone and the games start we tend to forget our worries 😉


  3. thanks Catie. I hope you had a wonderful day today as well! I hope that you guys can post some pictures or videos soon!

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